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The cry of the singing Wolff

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Published on: December 13, 2013 | Updated on: Invalid date

The Finnish rock novice, Jessica Wolff, finds India huge, exotic and mysterious.

Seems like Bangalore isn't a launch pad for just homegrown talent as international artistes are also finding acclaim here.

Finnish rock novice, Jessica Wolff, who is touring the country with her debut album, 'Renegade', was in the city to give rock fans a taste of her high energy and guitar driven music.

"India is a huge, exotic and mysterious country that is full of possibilities. When the opportunity to release my album showed up, I didn't hesitate for a second to grab it," says the 25-year-old who performed at Hard Rock Cafe in the city this week, and is set for the Pune audience tonight.

Her album, she says, represents different aspects of her life, experiences, thoughts and opinions. The name Renegade represents a part of me that has always been a bit of a stubborn loner. I don't go against something just to be against something, but stand up strongly for what I believe in," explains Jessica who wanted to be Tarzan as a child.

Her performance was flavoured with a pop vibe, modern elements and sounds that highlighted her thought provoking lyrics. "One of the main messages is, 'Don't let people step on your toes, you'll need them for the road'.

Songs like "Ashes To Diamonds", "Broken Wings", "Blind and In Disguise" treat the same subject but from different perspectives. I worked on it for a year before I re-made the whole album in a month," adds the artiste who collaborated with David Blair and Chip Znuff from Enuff Znuff on her maiden album.

With shiny blonde hair that bounces, the pretty lass with kohl-lined eyes is unlike any 20-something-year-old.

She practices stunts, kite surfs or snowboards, loves motor biking and ice bathing.

Obviously sugar and spice and all things nice are not a source of inspiration for her! Her creativity usually flows as she practices Kung-Fu or chills with her pet boa!

"I cannot wait to go home and give boa a big hug and head up north for a snowboarding holiday," smiles the singer who was born in Helsinki.

Next on agenda, she is going South to shoot an action movie. Incidentally, she was studying theatre when she decided to focus on music. Jessica was introduced to piano at the age of seven by a girl in her neighbourhood who was her role model. "I remember being fascinated by the sound she could create, using her fingers and fell in love with the instrument," she says. 

Jessica has already started work on a few new songs and is planning a tour in Finland next year.


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