Students overjoyed, chart out future plans

Hyderabad: As the results for the intermediate exams rolled out, several students, especially those who cleared the Intermediate second year exam, firmed up their future plans towards a professional career.

Praharsha K, a first-year MPC student, secured an impressive 468 out of 470 marks. He switched his focus to the JEE & IIT entrance exams a few months before her finals but managed to balance his preparations excellently. “In 10th, I studied in a CBSE board and scored 95 per cent. A few months ago, I got more interested in JEE & IIT and, three-four months before my final exams, I focused on the Telangana board exam as well. I used to study daily for a couple of hours, it was a daily effort. I want to thank my mentors, they were available all the time and really helpful,” he told Deccan Chronicle.

Similarly, Sanjana Priya, in her second year with an MPC focus, scored 467 out of 470 marks, attributing her success to last-minute rigorous preparations. “Usually, we start preparing in the last month before the exam. My faculty, principal, SL & JL were very helpful in the exam preparation. We had a lot of preparation for the board exams, we had lots of revisions and multiple exams, which helped me a lot. It was very easy to score good marks on the exam if we focused more.,” she shared.

Kusma Sree and Manasmini T, both first-year MPC students, scored 465 out of 470. Their journey was adorned with support from their families and teachers. Kusma expressed her gratitude, saying, “My parents and teachers are really happy with my marks; they congratulated me, I couldn't ask for me.” Manasmini shared a similar sentiment and spoke about the unexpected nature of her success, “I'm overwhelmed, I didn't expect those marks. My teachers and my parents are very proud. My friends are proud of me too. The journey was tough, I took help from many people and attributed this victory to them all. Chemistry was the hardest subject, but I was surprised to have scored 59 out of 60. To be honest, Sanskrit was also very hard since it was a new subject for us, but I scored more in Sanskrit and Chemistry," she shared excitedly.

B Akshaya Reddy, another first-year MPC student, surpassed her own expectations by scoring one mark more - 467 out of 470! “I expected 466, but I got 467 so I'm very happy. I have way too many people to thank. I want to thank my faculty for guiding me, especially my English and Sanskrit lecturers who were available all the time. Physics, chemistry, and maths were relatively easy,” she said.

Saicharan, also in his first year of MPC, achieved a remarkable 467 out of 470. His feelings were a mix of surprise and satisfaction. “I absolutely did not see this coming, I'd like to thank my parents and teachers who put a lot of effort into me, personally. I was a little worried about my mathematics paper and was surprised to see I scored full marks in it,” Sai Charan said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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