Pearl Academy's What's Next Event Explores Creativity-Tech Nexus

Bengaluru event delves into design-tech fusion, innovation, and industry insights.
Hyderabad: Pearl Academy recently hosted its annual event, What's Next, in Bengaluru, focusing on the intersection of creativity and technology. Attendees engaged in discussions about the future of design-tech convergence.

Aditi Srivastava, President of Pearl Academy, highlighted the institution's goal of nurturing well-rounded creative professionals with global exposure and industry-ready skills.

The event featured insights from industry leaders and practitioners on topics such as innovation, imagination, and AI.

Dr. Sharad Mehra of Creative Arts Education Society discussed trends shaping the 21st century, including technology and demographics.

Sessions led by experts explored themes like visual aesthetics, emerging technologies in design education, and the impact of technology on fashion and animation.

Surya Vanka emphasized the importance of integrating technology into creative learning and promoting inclusion.

Panel discussions provided a platform for collaborative dialogue on upcoming innovations.

What's Next encourages professionals to rethink the future of creativity and technology, reflecting Pearl Academy's commitment to innovation.

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( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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