6 tips to build a strong network on LinkedIn

In a hyper-connected world, the value of a strong professional network can never be overstated. Besides just during job hunting, your network can support you with so many phases throughout your career journey — be it meaningful knowledge exchange, updates in your field, or guidance to achieve your professional goals. LinkedIn’s latest research shows that 83% of professionals in India are looking to grow their network as a way to find opportunities and elevate their careers. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few tips on how you can use LinkedIn to build a strong professional network:

Expand your connections with ‘My Network’: To help you find the right people to connect with, and ways to spark up a conversation, LinkedIn offers a two-tab experience when you visit your Network Tab – The “Grow” tab is focused on helping you manage your existing connections and find relevant people with ‘People You May Know’ to add to your network. And the “Catch Up” tab is focused on letting you know when your connections start a new gig, celebrate a work anniversary, announce that they are hiring, or even celebrate a birthday. That way, you can reach out to congratulate them, and use that as a moment to either re-engage or keep the conversation going.
Say ‘Hi’ with personal messages: Meaningful connections begin with conversations. You can start by going to the ‘Messages’ tab and searching for a connection you want to reach out to. Or, you could go to their profiles and get going by clicking on the ‘Message’ button! If you have a Premium subscription, you can use the InMail feature to message people directly even if you’re not connected to them (yet!).
Engage through content: Sharing your thoughts, experiences, and learnings with your network makes them see more of you, know you better, and gradually take interest in you. Post regular content – whether an observation made during a work meeting or your opinion on the latest industry trends. Don’t forget to encourage your connections to weigh in with their take. Polls on LinkedIn are a great way to gain insights from your network and get a conversation rolling!
Join LinkedIn groups: With Groups on LinkedIn, you can find a community of like-minded professionals who are from the same industry, or are interested in similar subjects as you. You can use these professional groups to start conversations, seek guidance, and stay up-to-date with the latest in the industry.
Contribute to conversations and knowledge creation: There’s nothing that brings people closer than collaboration. Especially on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, there is a wealth of expertise to benefit from. With LinkedIn’s AI-powered collaborative articles, you can add value to an ongoing conversation while exchanging thoughts with other experts in the domain of discussion.
Offer support to your network: A healthy network thrives on mutual growth, where everyone learns and gains from others. Engage with your connections’ content to make them feel seen and valued, amplify it by reposting, share opportunities with those looking (for instance, when members signal they are ‘Open to Work’). The ‘commenting for better reach’ behaviour on LinkedIn is one of the most fruitful and genuine forms of support you’ll see among members.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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