UoH halves CUET application fee

Hyderabad: The management of the University of Hyderabad (UoH) on Tuesday accepted all the demands of protesting students after five days with regard to the Common University Entrance Test (CUET). The university cut down the application fee by 50 per cent, which has now come down to Rs 300 for the OBC category and much less for others.

"We are happy with the decision as this gives aspirants the freedom to apply to many universities, including ours, without burning a hole in their pockets," said Ravi Teja, a student.

After a minor scuffle with the police, the protesting students met with UoH Vice Chancellor Prof. B.J. Rao who assured that the administration would issue an order barring any organisation except those registered in the university to organise any activity on the campus. This, following a recent event organised by the RSS that allegedly included swords and sticks.

The university also agreed to appoint a Controller of Examinations; the task was being handled by the Registrar, leading to delays and improper functioning of both departments.

Regarding the complaints about caste certificates being demanded during student interviews, the university that a committe will be formed to investigate the allegations and the officials punished if found guilty. "They said that they would investigate the sudden dismissal of head of department of student welfare (DSW) Devesh Nigam was not resolved," informed Himanshu, a protesting student.

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