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Navigating Adolescence: Understanding Teen Sexual Orientation

Guest Post | DC Correspondent

Published on: October 21, 2023 | Updated on: October 21, 2023
Teens today face unique challenges when exploring their sexual orientation. (Representational image: Shutterstock)

Teens today face unique challenges when exploring their sexual orientation. (Representational image: Shutterstock)

Teen years are the most crucial years for children. The hormonal and physical changes of puberty may lead to an increase in sexual feelings. Recently a friend of mine Adwaith (name changed) disclosed to me that he is gay. I was in a state of distress and could not digest the fact that he confessed his orientation. At first, I could not believe him and felt that he was joking but later found out that it was TRUE.

Due to a lack of knowledge regarding these things from the parents, society, and educational institutions, I was curious to know more about this topic. I asked a friend of mine, who expressed her opinion by stating ", Youngsters should explore their sexual orientation at their own pace, with proper support. Rushing decisions due to lack of guidance or exposure to inappropriate content can impact their future. They need space for informed, authentic choices, while also focusing on academics, personality development, family, hobbies, and extracurricular activities." - Kirat, Student.

It is absolutely true that teens should focus on their studies, not their orientation. These conflicts can distract from education and family time. Let them mature before diving into such complex issues. It can be distracting and confusing. Prioritising the academics and self-development are important.

An anxious parent said, "The increasing acceptance and visibility of same-sex marriage positively impact youth by reducing stigma, providing role models, raising awareness, and challenging prejudices. It fosters a more inclusive and supportive environment, although sexual orientation remains a deeply personal aspect of identity and is not influenced by external factors." - Puneet Singh, Parent

A doctor in my family stated, "Definitely, I believe and agree that Youngsters or Teenagers need to understand their Sexual Orientation but should not get influenced or misguided by Social Media. Though children get some knowledge from Science as a subject in the initial classes, the role of parents and elders is important. Also, it is most important for the parents to have an eye and identify the behaviour of a child- Kaladhar Reddy, Doctor

Aryan Yadav, a student, "The early exposure influences many, in different ways. Because many teens get to know about It and are aware of it; naturally out of curiosity, they start questioning it all, including their own sexuality. My only advice would be to give it time and not rush it. The end choice is of self and self only. People with different sexual orientations shouldn't feel ashamed or scared because it's completely natural.

Teens today face unique challenges when exploring their sexual orientation. It's important to support their journey with love, respect, and open-mindedness, ensuring they feel accepted and understood. Everyone deserves the chance to be their authentic selves, and understanding and acceptance are key.

A therapist also expressed, "The importance of education for both youth and adults about gender and sexual orientation. It's vital to openly discuss these topics, encourage seeking help, and not judge based on appearances. Education institutions should guide students on these matters, as the issue lies with institutions, not the kids". - Alizeh Virani, Psychologist.

Nowadays, many young people are openly discussing their sexual orientation, like being gay, lesbian, or transgender. This is a positive trend, as it helps them be true to themselves. If they're unsure, it's crucial for these youngsters, who are often minors, to seek guidance from adults, psychologists, or someone they trust. This way, they can avoid making hasty decisions and prevent potential regrets in the future. Remember, support and guidance can make a big difference in their lives.

In Conclusion, teens exploring their sexual orientation is a natural part of growing up. Some may support open discussions and understanding, while others might hold conservative views. It's crucial to create a safe and accepting environment for teens to navigate these experiences while respecting diverse opinions.

This article is authored by Sharvi Aileni and Gurnoor Kaur Thapar

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