Edvoy, Trent University join hands to launch TEX Advanced Learning Centre

HYDERABAD: Edvoy, a tech platform supporting and enabling international study abroad, and Trent University, Canada, have joined hands to launch a new joint venture, ‘TEX Advanced Learning Centre’. The agreement was signed between Sadiq Basha, Founder and CEO of Edvoy, and Dr. Leo Groarke, President of Trent University on February 5.

The jointly owned campus of TEX Advanced Learning Centre will be based in Oshawa, Canada - nearby Trent University’s Durham and Peterborough campuses in the Greater Toronto Area.

The center will provide Postgraduate Certificates, English Language, and Pathway Courses. Edvoy will support students in their application process, including fast-tracking applications that meet all requirements offered in just two weeks. Whereas Trent University will continue its legacy of providing world-class teaching.

Applications for this year, starting in the May intake, are now open.

Postgraduate certificate courses that are available in May & September 2023 are Human Resources Management (One Year), Marketing & Entrepreneurship (One Year), Human Resources, Marketing & Entrepreneurship (Dual) (Two Years), Business Communications & Human Resources Management (Dual) (Two Years, Business Communications (One Year). Finance (One Year), Financial Analytics (One Year) and Finance & Financial Analytics (Dual) (Two Years).

Trent University has been the number one undergraduate university in Ontario since 2010 and the number one Canadian university for scholarships and bursaries, a massive advantage for International students. 92% of graduates find employment within 2 years of program completion.

Edvoy is headquartered in Manchester, UK. It was established to centralize information for students so they are empowered to make the best possible decisions about their future. Dedicated counselors guide students through their application process from choosing the right course to applying for a visa. Edvoy’s app is free and uses remote counseling, so is available for students worldwide.

On joining hands with Trent University, Sadiq Basha, Founder and CEO of Edvoy, said, “We’re thrilled to be embarking on this joint venture with Trent University. Edvoy aligns with quality universities, globally. Our agreement means we can both focus on what we do best, Edvoy guiding students through their application process and Trent University delivering world-class teaching. This is the next level in supporting international students in achieving their travel abroad ambitions.”

Dr. Leo Groarke, President of Trent University, commented, “Edvoy’s mission to serve international students with integrity is at the heart of our venture with them. We trust that they will work with students to find the best courses for them so they thrive and progress in their chosen careers.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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