CBSE new exam pattern leaves students, teachers confused

Hyderabad: The decision by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to introduce different exam patterns for each term has elicited differing reactions from teachers, students, and parents alike.

According to the Union education ministry, at least 40 per cent of CBSE Class 10 exam questions and 30 per cent in Class 12 in 2023 will be “competency-based.” These questions will come in a variety of formats, including objective, constructing response, assertion and reasoning, and case-based.

"The CBSE keeps changing its paper pattern and creating a lot of confusion before the exams," said a school principal.

The term “competency-based exam” was unfamiliar to students, parents and even school principals. Many students were stressed and became anxious about the new term.

"There will be no competency-based questions, but there will be objectives, multiple choice, and case study questions," said Twinkle Sharma, a Class 12 student. She stated that the teachers are unaware of the new pattern and changes, and had little knowledge of the weightage.

According to Sangeeta R., a school principal, the CBSE had just given the paper pattern a new name, and the major changes were in the weightage.

Dhurv Pandya, a Class 10 student, stated that the teachers "are just rushing the syllabus.” Humanities, fashion studies, and mass media are among the subjects that receive the least attention in some schools, despite the fact that they are included in the exams.

"In these subjects, more than half of the syllabus is pending. Teachers only teach MPC, BiPC, economics, and other subjects. Even in pre-boards, students are compelled to study for the exam by themselves," said S. Laliltha, a Class 12 student.

Parents reported that the students had little time to sleep and were constantly in a state of fear. “The schools are disorganised. They always rush through the syllabus. After hours of school and several tuition classes, students are still referring to online education sources and are studying on their own," said Archana Tated, a parent.

Students stated that the timetable should be announced as soon as possible because they have several entrance exams to write that almost coincide with the CBSE exam dates, adding pressure to set their schedule accordingly.


  • New 'competency-based paper pattern' leaves students perplexed
  • Exams begin on Feb. 15. The CBSE is yet to announce the exam schedule.
  • Principals unaware of the weightage, do not properly inform about paper pattern or the weightage, claim students
  • CBSE changing exam paper patterns on a regular basis, causing confusion and putting pressure on students
  • According to the Unipn education ministry, the CBSE has advised its schools to follow the recommendations of the National Education Policy, 2020 in terms of educational pattern. Among the most notable are:

· Competency based learning

· Adoption of learning outcomes

· Use of experiential and joyful learning pedagogies such as art integrated education, sports integrated learning, storytelling etc.

· Emphasis on foundational literacy and numeracy

· Induction of qualified counsellors at secondary and senior secondary level

· Provision of capacity building of teachers.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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