Malkajgiri college students take to streets, demand better infra

HYDERABAD: Students of Malkajgiri junior and degree colleges took to the streets on Thursday demanding better infrastructure facilities in their colleges. The protestors alleged that the space is so limited that the premises cannot accommodate 2000 students, who are presently enrolled in the two colleges, in one go.

"The colleges have been working on a mixed occupancy basis for years now. We need another building to save students from the stifling atmosphere and congestion that can affect our learning," said a first year B.Com student. He added that the college has only one washroom, which is earmarked for girls. The boys have no other option but to go outside.

"Even this bathroom does not have water or mugs, leave alone a dustbin," Shanthi (name changed) told Deccan Chronicle.

The students took out a rally from government junior college to Anand Bagh Ambedkar statue seeking the education department's intervention for the 'nth' time.

"Our seniors fought for this for years but all were vain efforts. They studied in batches during different hours. There is enough open land within the campus where another building can easily be constructed. Our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. We don't even have a decent computer, forget a lab. Clean drinking water and functional fans are luxuries," said a student pursuing science.
Many students were assured at the time of joining the college that conditions would get better in due course. They remain shallow promises.

"There is no college that charges an affordable fee for several kilometres in the area. Our parents had no choice but to opt for this college," said one student while another asked, "How do they have the budget to build a needless secretariat but not for a temple of learning?"

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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