Students visit Assembly to learn about politics

Hyderabad: Over 200 students from 50 schools were an excited, curious and inquisitive bunch when they visited the Telangana Legislative Assembly on Wednesday to gain first-hand experience of politics on Wednesday.

As part of the Under-18 Elections initiative by a city-based startup called WhatIsMyGoal, the students from schools like Silver Oaks International School, Canary The School, The Premia Academy, The Shri Ram Universal School, Sadhu Vaswani International School, and Meridian School, among others participated with great interest and asked several questions and listened and observed everyone and everything around them intently.

The students were made to understand the concept of politics, portfolios, what a manifesto is, etc. They were then given a stage and a mic and were asked to share on what they were going to fight the mock elections for. Several students spoke about wanting to be different ministers, most of them being sports and education portfolios.

“It was a great experience getting to learn who our ministers and leaders are and how the officers contribute to the legal framework. It’s a breather from just preparing for exams, these sessions help us prepare for life,” said Ashrita M, a student.

“The event has encouraged us to participate in the political process and inspired us to take an active interest in shaping the future of the country,” said Jhana Sree a student of Sadhu Vaswani School, who chose road and transport as her portfolio.

“I wasn’t very interested in finance and home ministry unlike others, I decided to take up what I see every day when I step out of my home on my bicycle, bad roads. I realised how potholes are also in people’s minds when they think it is okay to tolerate this,” said the 13-year-old.

Another student who wanted to be an astrophysicist said he is now willing to reconsider and choose politics over it. “The picture of Mahatma Gandhi at the Assembly reminded me of his powerful quote ‘Be the change you wish to be’, and I realise today how this is important and necessary today, years later."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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