Teachers: Syllabus with critical thinking boosts child\'s growth

HYDERABAD: Application-based questions are necessary for a child’s growth. When concepts are taught very well why can’t students think logically and think out of the box? Everything asked is concept-based, said many principals of CBSE schools.

The SSC Board asks basic general knowledge questions, which do not require separate studying, said principals of SSC schools.

“For example, evaporation is taught to students in CBSE. We directly will not ask what evaporation is and explain with a diagram. We want them to apply as many concepts as they can in everyday life. So we will ask them: If a girl washes her hair, how will her hair dry faster? A. By standing under the sun? B. By using a hair dryer? Explain. They can expect similar case study questions from day to day lives,” said Sangeeta R, a CBSE school principal.

A CBSE teacher, Sujata B., said that critical thinking questions that are asked need to be taught to students. At least a hint must be given of the pattern. Concepts are taught but the questions asked are worked around them.

For example, how will the weight of your school bag affect your posture? We all know Santa Claus is coming to town, but what is the relevance, why is he coming must also be explained, she said. She added that for the English subject, students can expect more questions pertaining to parts of speech and grammar.

Teachers said that several sample papers and self-study books available in the market are also helpful. “Being thorough with each line of the chapter, understanding the concepts well and having a lot of writing practice will help students score good marks,” they said.

Hrithik K., a SSC school principal, pointed out the difference, saying: “Practice papers help a lot and SSC is easiest compared to other boards in terms of logical questioning as most questions are from the syllabus. However general knowledge is required.”

“A simple question like: Make a pamphlet about Covid safety norms and campaign can be asked as they are general knowledge,” said Hrithik. Those who want to just pass can easily score above average marks by being thorough with the practice papers.

For answering CBSE papers

Rather than just reading and learning, students must practice writing as well as they need to have the writing and sentence formation ability.

Out-of-the-box questions seen as essential for a student's growth.

Students anxious about English and mathematics papers.

For logical thinking, students seek to be calm and ask for time

CBSE school principals:

Students can expect logical thinking, out of the box, case studies and application-based questions.

They need to be thorough with all concepts and read chapters well.

Any question from any part of the chapter can be asked.

SSC school principals

SSC students can expect certain general knowledge questions and can refer to newspapers and local news channels.

Practice papers and important questions are very essential.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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