Markandey Katju quits Facebook, says getting tired

Former Supreme Court judge says he got abuses from stupid and arrogant' people.

Hyderabad: On Tuesday night, retired Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju wrote out what he said would be his “last Facebook post”.

The judge, 70, has been quite prolific on social media — constantly posting thoughts on everything from women in Delhi (whom he once called vishkanyas (poison women) to his open disapproval of gay marriage and the need for the election of “beautiful women” as politicians.

Yes, Katju has been, radical and Tuesday’s post was not short on drama.

“I am a man of 70 and have very few years more to live. I tried to pass on all my knowledge I acquired in my life to you, so that you may benefit. This knowledge I acquired from my gurus, before whom I stood with folded hands for decades before they gave me that knowledge. But what did I get in return? I got mostly abuses from most of you, because most of you are stupid and arrogant, and have no desire to learn. I am sorry I even tried to teach you. So, goodbye,” he wrote, addressing over three lakh followers on Facebook.

The responses were in their hundreds. Some were relieved while others begged him to continue posting. Katju then took a screenshot of his Facebook post and tweeted it, with a single word, ‘Goodbye’.

But on Wednesday, the post was missing from Facebook. Only Twitter still had the write-up which claimed he was giving up on his guidance. In the meantime, as an explanation, Katju attached another Facebook post saying he was “getting tired of writing these posts”. He concluded his post saying, “I intend to write fewer posts and only when they are required by the changing circumstances”.

This is not the first time Katju has attempted to disappear from social media. Back in 2013, the retired judge has vanished for weeks shortly after some weird requests asking for “Urdu shairi” started appearing under journalists’ profiles from Katju's twitter account.

Many claimed Katju’s account was hacked but there hasn’t been a satisfying, formal explanation.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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