Hyderabad: Visa racket busted, SI and 8 others arrested

Police arrested an 8 people including a woman sub-inspector from emmigration department and Jet Airways employee.

Hyderabad: The police on Monday bust an inter-state fake visa racket and arrested an eight-member gang including a woman sub-inspector from the emmigration department and another Jet Airways employee in the case.

The gang colluded with these two employees and sent over 4,000 people to Gulf countries in the past few months, of which more than 60 per cent were illiterate women. Around 200 persons who travelled with fake documents were deported in 2015.

Shamshabad DCP A.R. Srinivas said that the gang operated mainly in East Godavari, West Godavari, Kadapa and Nizamabad districts. Each agent operated with about 40 sub agents.

The sub agents used to identify gullible victims who are in desperate need on employment. Taking advantage of their pathetic situation, they lure women and collect their passports and other identity proofs and send them to the Gulf countries.

“They seek employment as labourers or housemaids. They need to undergo Emmigration Check Requ-ired (ECR) and to avoid this, they collude with airport staff,” the DCP said.

The agents prepare fake visit or tourist visas and POE certificates and the passengers only show tourist visa at RGI airport. After reaching Dubai, they show their employment visas and reach their destinations.

The kingpin in the racket T Subbi Reddy worked earlier in Dubai and after return in 2013, he started preparing fake visas and sending people especially women to Kuwait, Saudi, Qatar and Dubai.

He sends nearly 100 clients per month. He was also arrested earlier in various cases. His son in law Bhasker Reddy is an important agent operating from West Godavari and is absconding now.

His aides Y Shankar T Kanteshwar both from Kadapa and Sabjar Hussain from Nizamabad are working as passport agents.

J venkateshwar Rao, a supervisor at a coffee shop in the RGIA Airport,acts as a mediator between Bhaskar Reddy, David and Ilyas, an employee of Jet Airways for issuing boarding pass. During the process, he got acquaintance with Kanteshwar and introduced him to Immigration SI Ms Debora.

“ These people especially face types of harassment. Deported women said they were even abused sexually and physically and are made to work in inhuman conditions.” the DCP added. The case is under investigation.

Gang paid Rs 5,000 to emigration SI Debora
Emigration sub-inspector D. Debora, a native of Nalgonda was working as a counter officer at the airport since 2013. The gang paid Rs 5,000 to J. Venkateshwar, a coffee shop supervisor and Rs 3,000 to Jet airways employee Ilyas to help them.

They planned to clear passengers with fake Protector Of Emmigrants (POC) certificates. The gang scheduled passengers’ travel, based on shift timings of Debora, Venkateshwar and Ilyas.

Venkateshwar acted as a mediator between Ilyas, Bhasker Reddy and David Raj. “ He collected Rs 5000 for each candidate from Bhaskar and David for issuing boarding passes throught Ilyas. Ilyas was paid Rs 3000 per candidate. We are not sure on the role of employees from other operators.” DCP

Shamshabad Mr AR Srinivas said.He got acquaintance with kanteshwara and introduced him to Debora, for clearing the passengers on fake POE.

Police said that the agents collected upto 65,000 from each candidate to send them abroad on fake visas and advised people to be cautious of such agents who cheat them.

“ Any person willing to go and work abroad should approach through the concerned embassy. Though long and expensive, in this process, their safety will be ensured and Government will be at their aid.” added the DCP.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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