GHMC polls: Problem of plenty for TRS

Massive influx into TRS from other parties leaves original' leaders worried.

Hyderabad: The deluge of leaders and cadre from the TD, the Congress, the BJP and other parties is leaving the ruling TRS quite unwieldy.

While the party stands to gain a psychological edge in the GHMC elections with its rivals marginalised, accommodating the new entrants into the party after the polls is bound to be a tough task in view of a long waiting list for nominated and party posts of “original” TRS workers.

The fact that TRS worker Ramana of Patel Nagar in Amberpet on Monday climbed a cell tower to protest being overlooked for leaders and workers from other parties is a signal of the rumblings over the situation.

“The high command is ignoring those who have been with the TRS since its formation,” Ramana said.

In the past week, the party saw over 10,000 new entrants, including former minister and TD vice-president C. Krishna Yadav, former BJP MLA Prem Singh Rathod and others.

Though TRS leadership has been choosy about welcoming some leaders, there is no check on the antecedents of many.

The two Yadavs of the city, Krishna Yadav and commercial taxes minister T. Srinivas Yadav, did not get along when they were in the TD, but fate brought them together again.

While TRS leaders like K.T. Rama Rao say that leaders and cadre from other parties were joining the party impressed by the TRS government’s developmental and welfare measures without preconditions and without expecting any posts, there is simmering discontentment in the party.

Interestingly, there is no full-fledged party body in the TRS, barring the president’s post held by K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

Party leaders are awaiting party and nominated posts from state to village level. If the leaders are to be believed, the TRS would have a full-fledged body after the GHMC polls and every deserving leader will be accommodated.

“Most of them are joining party expecting official favours and saving their skin from wrong doings. But KCR garu will handle it,” a TRS MLA said. Over a dozen MLAs, have joined the TRS besides several MLCs. The Anti Defection Act hasn't deterred them.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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