Self-Bloom' aims to reform juveniles amid crime surge

Helps children understand their capabilities.

KANNUR: “I am the architect of my life.” This was what a few children in conflict with the law proudly said after they attended a one-day session organised by the Juvenile Justice Board in association with the
district child protection unit, Kannur.

The session titled ‘Self-Bloom’ aimed at the reform and social reintegration of children who are currently living in the juvenile homes here. Inaugurating the session, Additional District Sessions Judge E.C. Harigovind said, “the programme was designed for helping the children understand their inherent capabilities by making them participate in various group activities.”

“They were made the heroes in the session to make them realise the importance of their life,” he added. Explaining the role of Juvenile Justice Board in shaping the life of such children, he said that the Juvenile Justice Act 2015 which came into force on January 14 this year gives importance to
reformation and rehabilitation of children.

“Our attempt is to make an individual plan for every children indicating their social, educational, physical and psychological state and proposing a
treatment plan to reduce chances of recidivism,” he said.

It was in the wake of the increase in the number of cases registered by the juveniles committing crimes that a decision was taken to enact the Juvenile Justice Act.

The decisions in the life of a child will be made considering the individual care plan and social investigation report of each child.

The one-day session also gave training to parents on adolescent child psychology and how to cope with the behavioural problems of their children.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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