Hyderabad scholar death: Fugitive' vice-chancellor's photo circulated

The social media users say the V-C went missing since Janaury 16.

Hyderabad: University of Hyderabad vice-chancellor Appa Rao’s photograph has been circulated in social media portraying him as a fugitive. The Facebook post made by one of the students went viral with scores of people sharing it on their Fb wall. He has been named as an ‘institutional murderer’ and a ‘habitual offender’ by the users.

The caption of the photo shared by one of the students read “This habitual offender is at large. He has the habit of offending and harassing Dalit students. And now that has reached to the level of an institutional murder. A police case has been booked against this person and he is missing after murdering Rohit Vemula, a research scholar and a promising intellectual from University of Hyderabad. We need this criminal dead or alive in HCU.” The social media users say the V-C went missing since Janaury 16.

Meanwhile, Cyberabad police officials have advised the V-C and family to move out of the campus after the protest started in the campus following Rohith’s death. Reportedly, the V-C was willing to visit the campus to meet teachers on Friday, however, the police advised him against his decision.

“We do not know what will happen if he visits the campus during this turmoil. It might not be safe for him to enter the campus at the moment,” said a police official present in the campus.

‘Prophetic’ poem by Rohith shared
Now a poem written by Rohith Vemula in Sept. last week in his Facebook page has gone viral due to its ‘prophetic’ content. The poem starts with these lines, “One day you will understand why I was aggressive. On that day, you will understand why I have not just served social interests. One day you will get to know why I apologised. On that day, you will understand there are traps beyond the fences.”

A few of the lines read: ‘One day you will find me in the history. In the bad light, in the yellow pages. And you will wish I was wise. But at the night of that day, you will remember me, feel me and you will breathe out a smile. And on that day, I will resurrect.”

Psychologists say he must have started thinking of ending his life. The poem named ‘One day’ was posted on September 3, and has been shared by scores of people after his suicide. This poem was written after the first suspension order came from the university.

Many students say that Rohith must have guessed that his death would cause a political storm. He must have thought that the right wing would portray him in bad light after his death. These lines must be an indication of his suicidal thoughts.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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