Visakha Museum all set to spring surprises

The museum which remained closed since Oct. 26 would be thrown open for public in Feb.

Visakhapatnam: Next time, you visit the Visakha Museum and be ready to catch up with a lot of surprises in terms of design and artifacts from the entrance arch gate to every nook and cranny of the museum. Thanks to the International Fleet Review for making all improvement happen in the museum.

The museum has undergone major renovation and repairing works and new artifacts have been added for the forthcoming IFR. The museum which has remained closed since October 26 would be thrown open for public in February, ahead of IFR, said the museum curator M.N.A Patrudu.

The newly-designed entrance arch and a big mural on the front wall, depicting modernisation of ships over the year, have been so designed that visitors would be curious to explore the museum all the way. “Once you enter the maritime block, you will feel like passing through a sea with the ceiling decorated with blue water surface and small ship artifacts hanging over it. The decoration has been done to create an aquatic ambience and give a feel of maritime museum,” said Vamsi Krishna, who has been entrusted with the decorative works.

“The visitors used to just skip many artifacts as those were badly displayed. The wall colour and the interior design have been made in such a way that it will be soothing to the eye and also highlight the artifacts. Like, the ceiling of the aeronautical room displaying aircraft artifacts has been decorated with aircrafts, that creates an impression that crafts are flying over your head,” said Vamsi, who has done his masters in architecture from London said.

When asked about the new addition to the maritime museum’s content, a navy officer, inspecting the work, said, “We would not reveal that new contents to give surprise to the visitors.” Among others, the whitening work, polishing of ceiling wood, visible and attractive signboard for artifacts and renovated shelves are giving an attractive look to the museum.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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