President Mukherjee calls for stronger secularism for harmony

Atrocities against women must stop, says Mukherjee

New Delhi: The idea of secularism needs to be strengthened in the minds of the young people to build a harmonious society, President Pranab Mukherjee said on Tuesday.

Addressing institutes of higher learning and civil service academies, the President stressed on the need for providing “value-based education” to the youth.

“We must inculcate in them the spirit of democratic behaviour that calls for an appreciation of the diversity of India, assimilation of ideas, and accommodation for divergent views. The idea of secularism is deeply ingrained in the consciousness of our nation. It has to be further strengthened in the minds of the young ones to build a harmonious society,” he said.

The President also spoke about gender equality and said it was important for having an “inclusive society”.

“The atrocity and violence against women should strengthen our resolve to wipe out any trace of depravity and evil from the minds of individuals.

“Respect for women is sacrosanct in our society with its roots embedded in our civilisational values, which are reflected in our Constitution. A spirit of reverence towards women must be instilled in our children in our homes and educational institutions. It must guide social conduct of an individual from an early age,” Mr Mukherjee said.

Highlighting UPA-government’s RTI, employment, education and food programmes backed by legal guarantees, the President said the recent programmes launched by the NDA government are for creating financial inclusion and creating model villages.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle with agency inputs )
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