Kuntala waterfall dries, turns rock climbing site

Kuntala waterfall has turned into a rock climbing site for visitors.

Adilabad: The famous Kuntala waterfall has turned into a rock climbing site for visitors as the waterfall has dried up. People visiting Kuntala are climbing the rock easily without any rope. Water flows into Kuntala waterfall mainly from the Kupti rivulet in Neredigonda mandal. Apart from taking a cool dip in the waters, the watefall, when it is flowing, is a good place to take pictures.

Birkurwar Venkatesh of Adilabad town, who visited the Kuntala waterfall along with relatives two days ago, said, they climbed up the waterfall as it has gone dry and pose no danger to visitors. He said most visitors are not taking the steps and climbing down the waterfall from the top and taking photographs wherever they want on the rocky area. Security persons posted at the waterfall, following several instances of tourists drowning, are also not imposing any restrictions on the movements of visitors.

Tourists expressed fears that if this was the situation of Kuntala waterfall going dry for four months in the summer, the situation will become worse if the proposed lift irrigation is constructed on the Kupti rivulet by the state government. R. Srinivas of Kumari of Neredigonda mandal said, the flow into Kuntala had started decreasing in September as water flow had come down from Boath and Bajarhatnoor irrigation projects.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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