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Rare stripe-necked mongoose spotted in Papikonda

Deccan Chronicle| Sampat G Samaritan

Published on: January 19, 2016 | Updated on: January 19, 2016

Stripe-necked mongoose was found for the first time in Eastern Ghats.

Forest authorities have found the presence of stripe- necked mongoose. (Representational image)

Forest authorities have found the presence of stripe- necked mongoose. (Representational image)

Rajahmundry: Forest authorities have found the presence of stripe- necked mongoose in the forests of Papikonda National Park recently. As the authorities have installed nearly 100 cameras on tree tops and also attached them to tree trunks at strategic locations, they got a camera trap of the stripe -necked mongoose.

They say that it is for the first time, the stripe- necked mongoose was found in the Eastern Ghats as it is normally found in Western Ghats and in the forests of Sri Lanka. The forest officials maintain that the mongoose feeds on frogs, crabs, hares, rodents, fowl and reptiles. The mongoose finds its habitat in wet ever green forests to dry deciduous forests and also in non-forest habitats.

The head of the animal is small, pointed and greyish in colour while the chest and legs are dark. Its tail, reddish with a black tip, is usually carried horizontal with the tip turned upwards. It has got its name from the distinct black stripe with white border marked on either side of the neck and behind the ears.

The authorities also found fresh water otter in the same park as river Godavari passes through the park, it serves as a perfect habitat for the species. The species is amphibious as it survives in water and also on land. It sets up burrows near water bodies with multiple openings for entry and exit and female otters give birth to litter in such burrows.

The forest authorities say that a research scholar who was on a field visit in the park found the animal and the authorities have yet to get the camera trap of it so far. Forest range officer of Rampachodavaram P.B.N. Kumar said, "We are happy to find the presence of stripe necked mongoose in the Papikonda Park located in the Eastern Ghats. It is unusual for such species to be found in the Eastern Ghats and the finding helps to search for more species in the park.

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