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How easy is it to start a start-up?

Published Sep 26, 2019, 12:37 pm IST
Updated Sep 26, 2019, 12:37 pm IST
Most of the new and young entrepreneurs don’t know about the right methodologies, when it comes to current policies on setting up a start-up.
 Most of the new and young entrepreneurs don’t know about the right methodologies, when it comes to current policies on setting up a start-up.

The number of start-ups companies is increasing day by day. As per a report by KPMG released in February this year, the number of start-ups in the country has gone up from 7,000 in 2008 to 50,000 in 2018. There is no doubt that to start any new venture, the idea behind it needs to brilliant and extra-ordinary and later taken to a stage where the business is secure, established and making money. But there are still some entrepreneurs who have no idea about the key steps taken to establish their business.

Most of the new and young entrepreneurs don’t know about the right methodologies, when it comes to current policies on setting up a start-up, legal and financial compliances, favouring policies for start-ups and guiding policies that will help their idea grow and reach a vast audience.

In a haste, a lot of entrepreneurs tend to ignore the compliance formalities, but this is where the problem begins for most of the start-up companies. Not adhering to the set compliances and regulatory systems is the main challenge, and over a period of time become difficult to overcome. And that's why many start-ups shut down faster than they begin.

If you as a budding entrepreneur are thinking of getting into the start-up game, prepare yourself for these hurdles in your initial stages. However, there are several start-up consultants who can help entrepreneurs in their journey of setting up a successful start-up. Here are some emerging holistic start-up solutions consultants, who can make your journey stress-free.

Barwal Consultancy, is an emerging holistic assistance provider regarding all facets of financial, legal and taxation related issues for new-age enterprises. The company follows a non-conventional, dynamic and situation specific approach to solving client’s problems, implementing out-of-the-box thinking and which cannot be achieved through conventional approaches. Equipped with deep knowledge on all facets of taxation, legal provisions and compliances specifically pertaining to the start-up ecosystem in India.

Burgeon Law – Burgeon Law is a new-age boutique law firm that provides a one-stop legal shop to emerging companies, incubators, accelerators, angel investors, family offices and venture capital/ private equity funds. Started in 2015 by entrepreneurial lawyer, mentor, and startup enthusiast Roma Priya, the firm serves clients from both India and abroad with its key practice areas including Business Formation, Co-founders agreement, Franchising, Fund Formation, Data Privacy and Protection, IP Protection and Commercialization, Dispute Resolution, Fundraising, Commercial Contracts, Due Diligence, Compliance Management, Employment Contract, Policies and Stock Options. The company caters to more than 350 clients including names like INDwealth, AngelList, VH Capital, Bulbul, GrowX, Innerchef, Money 91, Akiva, GSF Accelerator, Mamaearth, BiryaniByKilo, Suman Munjal Family Office, 

Rajaram Legal is a law firm for entrepreneurs and investors, driven by an extremely client-centric approach. We specialize in hands-on legal counselling for venture capital/private equity investments and exits across various sectors, including digital media, health care, retail, financial services, e-Commerce, education and technology. The firm also handles strategic legal matters such as founder agreements, venture debt, media-equity deals, employee share incentives, key management hires and business critical contracts for high-growth companies.

Ahlawat & Associates (A&A) is one of the leading law firms in India delivering the best legal and business solutions to domestic and international clients from diverse sectors. Apart from having a vast presence in India, A&A is also well established in U.K., Japan, and Korea. The firm has dedicated desks for these territories, which are led by experienced foreign resident specialist professionals. A&A is perhaps the only Law Firm in India to offer comprehensive solutions while eliminating even grassroots level difficulties faced by clients and have helped them seamlessly facilitate foreign direct investments and business setup in India. A&A was established in Delhi and within a short duration became a leading Law Firm in Delhi before emerging as one of the best and topmost law firms in India.

Maheshwari and Co. is a full service Law Firm that represents its clients in a number of complex and high value transactions. We have an expertise and experience across various sectors such as intellectual property rights, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, start-ups, e-Commerce, banking and finance, taxation, infrastructure and real estate, technology, media and telecommunication, corporate and commercial law, Arbitration, Family law, Trademark Registration, Copyrights and Immigration services.



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