How IT transformation will help businesses improve revenue

Constant innovation and disruption, today merely transforming digitally is not enough for businesses to sustain.

We live in an age of constant innovation and disruption, today merely transforming digitally is not enough for businesses to sustain. After all the business landscape in India is constantly being disrupted by IT-driven innovation, and in order to endure in this new digital era, businesses must take a fundamental step to transform their IT to bring products to market faster, create a digital advantage and remain competitive.

Companies today understand this and realize that there are significant business benefits to modernizing and automating their IT processes. By doing so, they can improve operational efficiencies, boost productivity, reduce costs and invest these savings in new initiatives and innovations to increase their competitive edge.

IT transformation becomes a business imperative

Today, fast-emerging technologies, including the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, are driving new IT imperatives. At the same time, IT practices and cultures have also progressed, most notably with IT departments moving from isolated, technology-centric units into becoming more business focused and integrated.

What has changed most over time is the urgency and importance of IT transformation initiatives. Most business activities and goals have become fully dependent on, and inseparable from IT operations. Companies that hope to survive and prosper in today’s digital world can do so only by aggressively modernizing and automating their IT infrastructure, adopting new deployment models such as cloud computing, and fine-tuning their operational practices and IT skills.

IT transformation in India

90 per cent of Indian respondents agree that failing to embrace IT transformation will hurt their company’s competitiveness. Also, IT transformed organizations in India are 10X more likely to execute the majority of application roll-outs ahead of schedule compared to lower scoring organizations.

This indicated that, IT Transformation is already gaining strong momentum in India. Today, Indian organizations not only realize the importance of transforming their IT infrastructure to ensure they have a competitive edge, but they also now know that it is crucial to turn data into business intelligence. This requires an end-to-end IT infrastructure that can manage, analyze, store and protect data everywhere it lives.

IT transformation as a revenue generator

IT transformation initiatives are not just about reducing costs or becoming more efficient, they are also about taking the necessary steps to ensure business success. Efforts to transform IT operations through adoption of technologies such as hyper-converged systems, flash storage, cloud, data protection etc. leads to improving the businesses’ ability to respond to business needs and achieve better business results. This further helps them to improve agility, business continuity and meet changing business demands- all that will ultimately generate more revenue for the organization.

I personally believe it’s important to give customers the ability to make end-to-end strategy a reality, driving disruptive innovation without the fear of being disrupted themselves. Meeting or staying ahead of customer expectations means every business needs to become fully digital to prosper. That requires data center modernization and migration efforts that not only transform IT, but do so in an efficient, non-disruptive fashion.

-By Mr Niladri Saha, GM- Modern Infrastructure, Dell EMC India, India

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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