Big-tech companies should share revenue with digital news publishers: I&B Secy

New Delhi: Information and broadcasting secretary Apurva Chandra has made a strong pitch for big-tech aggregators to share a part of their revenue with publishers of digital news, who generate original content.

For the growth of the news industry, it is important that the digital news platform of all these publishers which are the creators of original content get a fair share of the revenue from the Big Tech platforms which act as an aggregator of the content created by others, Chandra said.

In a message sent to the Digital News Publishers Association (DNPA) conference, Chandra said Australia, Canada, France and the European Union had taken the initiative through their legislatures and strengthened their competition commissions to ensure a fair split of revenue among the creators of news content and the aggregators.

Chandra said that post-Covid, there had been issues regarding the financial health of not just the digital news industry but also the print news industry. “It is clear that if the traditional news industry continues to be negatively impacted, the future of journalism, our fourth pillar, is also hit. Thus, this is a question of journalism and credible content as well,” he said.

Chandra said the traditional news industry had a history of service to the nation. “I understand that they have in place adequate systems of checks and balances to ensure that correct and factual news flows out and are a good example of our stated policy of self-regulation, he said.

( Source : PTI )
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