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How logistics and supply chain management companies are leveraging power of PR

Published Jun 15, 2019, 11:03 am IST
Updated Jun 15, 2019, 11:03 am IST
Logistics mostly found mention in segmented business news or when reporting major international shipping and logistics trends.
logistics had so far been limited to a strongly B2B circle of trade and media.
 logistics had so far been limited to a strongly B2B circle of trade and media.

The Indian Logistics and Supply Chain sector has seen a steady rise over the past few years, thanks to factors like pro-business government policies, a dramatic rise of E-commerce and open international trade. Perceived strongly as a B2B the segment, Logistics mostly found mention in segmented business news or when reporting major international shipping and logistics trends. But largely, it remained contained in the designated trade media, away from the mainstream business and corporate news.

That is all changing now, thanks to the accelerated growth and transformation in the sector. From technology-enabled smart processes for warehouse management, real-time updates on freight and shipment tracking, development of dedicated logistics parks, the rise of reverse logistics due to e-commerce to sustainable practices and Green Supply Chain Management, Logistics has come a long way in the past decade, finally claiming its place at the table and sharing them narrative! And PR has been a strong catalyst to make this happen!


PR, or Public Relations is all about compelling stories that talk about the eternal law of cause and effect – how businesses and policies impact each other and how brands and entrepreneurs chart histories while serving their customers and stakeholders. The rise of Logistics and Supply Chain management and its strong presence in the mainstream media is one such narrative that has been helping major players in the sector gain the attention of their stakeholders and catapults their business.

Given the rise of the e-commerce and the ‘doorstep delivery at a click’, a rising number of new age entrepreneurs and start-up’s across segments have been instrumental in upgrading the Indian logistics industry. Using PR tools like opinion pieces, trend stories, press releases, profiling opportunities and presences across a wide range of media universe, including technology and sustainable businesses, manufacturing, e-commerce, entrepreneurship and corporate and finance, PR has been facilitating these Indian and International brands to share their growth story and create a smarter, newer identity for logistics in the world! 


Listed here are key benefits of effective PR for Indian logistic companies:

1 Brand Visibility:

As mentioned earlier, logistics had so far been limited to a strongly B2B circle of trade and media. Leveraging effective PR techniques can help logistic companies to gain greater brand visibility among potential clients and industry stakeholders. Further, through a presence in industry trend stories and opinion pieces talking about how smart logistics can help cut costs, increase margins and benefit businesses, logistic brand owners can find a respectable place in the conversation around Indian corporate and trade development, and gain mileage in leading B2C corporate media.


 2 Brand Connect:

With the exponential rise in technology-driven processes, logistics can lead the way to help other businesses adopt smarter and cost-effective supply chain alternatives, thus creating a thought leadership opportunity. Offering a relevant, economical, and speedy solution for the aspiring Indian businesses seeking to explore international markets, logistic brand owners can become effective guides to drive the transition. Through speaker opportunity at trade and industry events and by highlighting success stories through PR, Logistic service providers can bring about a paradigm shift, solving some key challenges faced by Indian businesses


 3 Brand Appeal:

Apart from building a brand visibility and connect, PR also helps create a positive brand appeal among the stakeholders. With compelling narratives around ‘sustainable’ supply chain or green supply chain initiatives, smarter technology processes, responsible business attitude and select CSR initiatives, PR can help build a strong and appealing brand image of logistics service providers, so as to create a preferential value among stakeholders.

4 Internal connect:

With enhanced brand visibility and appeal, PR can also help build a stronger internal connect for companies, creating a sense of pride and loyalty among existing employees and partners while also attracting valuable talent. With tools like internal newsletters and promotion of external media clippings and coverage within the company intranet and social media pages, help build aspiration and connect. A trusted and motivated pool of employees and internal stakeholders is vital to the success and growth of any business.


5 Potential Growth:

All the above PR driven activities and the resulting brand valuation help attract potential clients and push for an accelerated growth plan. Complementary to the conventional sales and marketing outreach initiatives, PR helps build a strong connect and trustworthiness to the approach, ethics, business processes as well as to the name/ face leading the company, thus facilitating a holistic appeal to the company which makes it stand out from the competition!

While a lot of companies, brands and start-up entrepreneurs are waking up to the power of effective brand communications, Logistics and Supply Chain Service providers are only just beginning to understand the impact and opportunity of leveraging PR. As is the case with all industries, the new age logistic start-ups were the first to embrace PR and are already reaping the benefits of not just surviving but also thriving in the extremely competitive business environment! The trend has, since then, caught up with the rest of the industry as well, and it will not long before Logistics and Supply Chain management will be among the most spoken and heard sectors in the scheme of National and International business, claiming the respect and acknowledgement it deserves!