Nawaz was abused'

Says a source close to Nawaz Modi. An NC notice was filed three times, but cops were never let in

A source close to Nawaz Modi Singhania admitted to Deccan Chronicle that her husband Gautam abused her and their young daughter in the last two months.
“Gautam abused both her and minor daughter. He shattered her S3 (sacrum, a wedge-shaped bone in the back of the pelvis between the hip bones), not collarbone, as previously claimed. It was simply injured. She was admitted to the Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre. They filed an NC (non-cognizable) three times, but he never let cops in. Only the Ambanis came to their help,” a source said.

When asked about her inlaws’ support, source replied, “In-laws have yet to accept that their son can do something like this. He has a history of doing things like this. Everyone knows he had a falling out with his father. That’s just how he is. They are looking into all legal alternatives for fair settlements, and we know it’ll take some time.” Talking about the Diwali party the source said, “She was stopped from attending the party with the help of local police and other security personnel!”

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