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A logistics business that is saving environment

Published Aug 13, 2019, 8:45 am IST
Updated Aug 13, 2019, 8:45 am IST
By using retreaded tires, the commercial and military aircraft industries save more than USD 100 million a year.
 By using retreaded tires, the commercial and military aircraft industries save more than USD 100 million a year.

Buying your dream vehicle is one of the biggest successes that one can achieve, and that too buying a truck or bus is a momentous dream for commercial fleet operator.

In 2019, automobile industry has grown drastically reaching sale of 26.26 million vehicles per year. Commuting and using own vehicle has become a necessity for people. This inevitable increase in automobile market is also effecting industrial production of tyres. It is estimated that the tyre production industry has reached Rs 59,500 crores in 2017-18 and expected to touch Rs 90,000 in FY2019.  

Tyre, which is second most consumable asset after fuel in commercial vehicles, are more prone for frequent wearing and replacement compare to passenger vehicles. With time, it turns to be a mandatory choice either to replace the tyre with a new one, which is very expensive or to retread the existing tyre which is less expensive and has many more benefits.

Retreading is a process which is also known as “recap” or a “remold”, in which worn casting of a old or used tyre is taken off and put through a process in which it is completely renewed. Later, the revamped tyre is taken further for a curing process with new rubber and then vulcanized to the original casting which gives second life to the old tyre.

According to the Tyre Retread & Repair Information Bureau, retreaded tyre cost 30 per cent-40 per cent less than the cost of a new tyre. A branded new premium tyre will run around 70,000 kilometers which normally cost the fleet owners around 15,000 to 22,000 rupees, contrary retread tyre are cost-effective and a better alternative to premium tyres which costs approx. Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 which will additionally run around 50,000 kilometers or more. Hence, giving a performance that complements the cost.

Retreading is not only cost effective, but it has other benefits as well:

Carbon Footprint:

According to Wikipedia, retreading preserves about 90 per cent of the material spent on whole tires and its material cost is only 20 per cent compared to manufacturing a new one. A large amount of carbon dioxide is being emitted in the manufacturing process of tyre. Less material means less harmful gases in the environment. Retreading greatly reduces the carbon footprint involved in the supplying of the raw material and in the production of tyres.

Environmental Friendly:

Retreading is the environment-friendly way of recycling the tyres, one single tyre can be retreaded up to 10 times, each time a tyre is retreaded it cuts the whole lifecycle cost of the original tyre by one third and extends the service life of the tyre. With one retread tyre we can save upto 15 gallons of oil used during the manufacturing process of new tyre.

Less Landfill:

Retreading greatly reduces solid waste disposal problems. Unused rubber tyre takes 80-90 years to decompose in the environment and cause large landfill problem. With retreaded tyre landfill problem can be reduced.


Retreading of the tyre is largely practiced by fleet owners. However, many government agencies also use retread tyres in ambulance and fire trucks as these tyre offers optimal cost and safety.

By using retreaded tires, the commercial and military aircraft industries save more than USD 100 million a year. Retreading truck tires saves the trucking industry over USD 3 billion each year.

Retreading is a highly practical and efficient form of recycling. Retreading makes it possible to re-use worn tyres. Instead of dumping tyres with worn-out tread, they can be rebuilt and put back to work again, and again.

It’s high time to spread awareness about the retreading, as it represents an important ecological and economical problem which has great effect on a sustainable environment. It promotes the durability of tyres, and conserves natural resources used in making of tyres.

Jaipur based startup company Fleeca India Pvt Ltd, India has taken an initiative to give skills and information to the fleet owner, mechanics, and drivers and to people who are directly associated with commercial vehicles. This initiative will improve the level of understanding among the target audiences for better decision making about when to buy a new tyre and when to retread them. It will not only help to save on their pocket but will also help in saving environment which is essential for a healthy life.

It is important to learn about problems first and later finding precise solutions.

CEO & Founder, Tikam Chand Jain, Fleeca India Pvt Ltd



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