Indians most stressed globally on work and finance issues: Survey

One in eight Indians have serious trouble in dealing with stress.

Mumbai: Stress levels are the highest in the country with 89 per cent of survey respondents claiming they suffer from stress on issues such as finances, work, among others, compared with the global average of 86 per cent. This makes India lead the pack of nations that suffer the worst from everyday stress.

In comparison people from other developed and emerging countries including the US, Britain, Germany, France, China, Brazil and Indonesia feel much less stressed, said a survey by Cigna TTK Health Insurance. In addition, one in eight Indians have serious trouble in dealing with stress, with the millennials suffering more than other groups.

What more, nearly, 75 per cent of the respondents in the country do not feel comfortable talking to a medical professional about their stress, with consultation cost being one of the biggest barriers.

The survey, involving nearly 14,500 people in 23 countries, explores people's perceptions and concerns on health and their sense of well-being across five key areas - physical, family, social, financial and work.

Workplace wellness has emerged as a key theme with 87 per cent of the respondents feeling that workplace wellness programmes are important in choosing between two potential employers.

The findings show that one in two respondents plan to finance their medical expenses from their savings in old age, followed by insurance.

Four in 10 Indians have purchased health insurance for themselves. Almost 90 per cent of those surveyed are open to sharing their healthcare data, as they see the benefits for better treatment and lower costs.

( Source : PTI )
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