Indian business leaders not digital ready: report

Business leaders in India are struggling to adapt to digital changes.

New Delhi: Business leaders in prominent Asia Pacific countries are not digital ready and in India, executives need significant shift in mindset to enable sustainable change within their organisations, says a survey.

According to a new Korn Ferry research, leaders in India are struggling to adapt to digital changes.

"Indian leaders struggle to adapt to change, being more comfortable in certain conditions. This limits their capacity to be flexible in the ambiguous digital environment," the report said.

The report analysed the leadership profiles of more than 9,000 leaders from nine Asia Pacific countries/territories including 2,600 Indian leaders, and compared them against the traits, competencies and drivers of great digital leaders.

“Digital transformation is about cultural change at an unprecedented scale. It's not just about recruiting a digital marketing manager or deploying an e-commerce channel," said Avdesh Mittal, Senior Client Partner and MD, Digital Practice, APAC, Korn Ferry.

Mittal further noted that change of this magnitude requires a shift in mindset and conviction from top leadership which cascades till the grassroots of the organisation.

"With disruption now the norm, future success depends on the ability to continuously adapt and change, not just with the business model but a culture change on a grand scale,” said Michael Distefano, Chief Operating Officer, Korn Ferry Asia Pacific.

The report was titled "Digital Leadership in Asia Pacific". The study included Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Korea.

( Source : PTI )
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