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SAMCO Securities simplifies trading, investments with StockNote app

Published Apr 4, 2018, 3:39 pm IST
Updated Apr 4, 2018, 3:46 pm IST
SAMCO Securities, a leading discount-broking start-up in India, today launched StockNote.
 SAMCO Securities, a leading discount-broking start-up in India, today launched StockNote.

Mumbai: In a sector notorious for its complex and jargonised approach, SAMCO Securities, a leading discount-broking start-up in India, today launched StockNote.

It is a first-of-its-kind, easy-to-navigate content streaming and trading platform that aggregates and delivers news and information about stocks and sectors across India.

StockNote is powered by the proprietary Giga Trading Engine, which combines artificial intelligence with powerful computing and analytical technology. It identifies important facts, trends and patterns in the stock markets and presents them as simple, filtered stocknote feed stories.

StockNote creates and compiles content that is customised and as per the user’s interests, watch list and portfolio. The engine is designed to simplify complex decision making for beginners and professionals alike. Its uniqueness lies in the ‘trading’ feature that allows users to not just consume information, but also trade at a single touch.

The Giga Trading Engine constantly scans the universe of markets to identify facts, trends, events and opportunities, which is possible only through machine intervention. Additionally, the user is also benefited with real-time assistance at every step.

Jimeet Modi, Founder and CEO at SAMCO Securities, said: “We believe that when technology powers stock market understanding, it empowers people. StockNote is our solution to the oft-repeated complaints of our customers. The seeds of it were sown during the failures of my maiden foray into the capital markets at the age of 14. The complexity of the business was overwhelming. As a result, I became keen to develop a solution that offers simplicity, relevance and reliability. StockNote aims to empower investors to make better decisions and achieve their investment goals.”

StockNote offers a friendly interface that analyses millions of pieces of data from across markets and intuitively presents it as a scrolling feed similar to social media platforms. The chat-like notifications lead you through a step-by-step process, from induction to stock updates to solving problems.

SAMCO Securities is offering 100% brokerage cash back for the first month to allow all users to try and experience the platform.


• Removes dependence on brokers/advisors, giving users instant and quick access to top-grade information that was restricted to institutions earlier

• 100% digital and accessible on the go, allowing quick on-boarding and helping beginners to trade fearlessly

• Automated portfolio watch list makes manual intervention redundant

• Chat-like notifications throw up prompts on topics of your interest, watch list, orders, portfolio, funds, etc

• Advanced charting with historical data that goes back 25 years with all capabilities and libraries that exist in the world

• Trending feed assists investors to understand markets and keep track of most viewed notes by other investors

• Customisable experience throws up a feed to match users’ interests and portfolios



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