Deliveroo India Development Centre Hits Strides in 2023

Expanding workforce, gender diversity focus, app enhancements drive global success.

Hyderabad: The Deliveroo India Development Centre (IDC) in Hyderabad has announced its achievements and milestones reached in 2023.

During the year, IDC saw significant growth in its workforce, expanding by 125% and focusing on hiring experts across various technical domains. Notably, efforts were made to enhance gender diversity, with a 24% representation of women in the workforce.

Initiatives such as the introduction of the 'India Women in Tech' Group and a robust internship program aimed at diversifying talent were implemented to further strengthen the workforce.

IDC's contributions to Deliveroo's global success included refining the in-app experience with improvements in search functionality, promotional features, and smoother payment methods. Additionally, the launch of in-app advertising and revamping of the rider onboarding platform were highlighted as key achievements.

Chowdary Venigalla, Engineering Director at IDC, emphasized the commitment to expanding the team through strategic talent acquisition and enhancing leadership capabilities. Focus will also be on employee well-being programs and training initiatives to keep the team updated on industry trends, with a primary goal of enhancing efficiency across all aspects of the marketplace.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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