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Enterslice starts operations in Bengaluru, India's Silicon Valley

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Published on: December 28, 2018 | Updated on: December 28, 2018

With startup and technology firms growing in both size and number in India.

Enterslice Bengaluru Office

Enterslice Bengaluru Office

With startup and technology firms growing in both size and number in India, along with it comes the demand for reliable, ultra-efficient, cost-effective CPA, Fintech, Virtual CFO, and related services. Enterslice has established themselves as a trusted, well-reviewed, and well-regarded company offering all of these services and much more. The visionary firm recently announced they have entered into operations in the city of Bengaluru, which represents a large victory in their efforts to have a presence in all of the country's most important tech-related cities. The news has been met with enthusiasm.

"Bengaluru is the Silicon Valley of India and by expanding our presence in this city we are looking to become a part of the startup culture in Bengaluru and solve problems of budding entrepreneurs," commented Bittu Kumar, CEO of Enterslice. "We are also looking for expanding presence in more cities in India over a period of time."

Mr. Krishnamurthy Parthasarathy

Mr. Krishnamurthy Parthasarathy, ex-Chief General Manager of RBI has also joined the board of Enterslice. During the association with RBI spanning more than three decades, he worked in different capacities in different departments responsible for banking policy, supervision of banks and non-banking finance companies, forex reserve management, domestic exchange rate management and debt market operations. He also worked as a consultant to IMF with assignments related to exchange rate management practices in specified domains.

Some of the areas Enterslice specialize in include highlights like offering a full-range of startup services (business registration, trademark work, setting up an NGO, are some examples); finance company registration and support, delivering top-rated Virtual CFO services, freeing up a company's time to focus on their key work; taxation and regulatory services; risk and assurance; and much more.

Not just active in India, Enterslice registers and manages growing businesses across the world in places like the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Dubai, and much more to come, well-establishing their position as a global fintech company with deep experience which is difficult to match.

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