This Diwali increase your sale with ePaisa point of sale

A Point of Sale (POS) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed.

With the right point of sale system, small and medium businesses can manage and control their daily activities and increase their sales. A Point of Sale (POS) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. But nowadays, POS is not just about transactions. Leading Point Of Sale such as ePaisa provides many more features that help retailers, merchants and SME’s in the smooth growth of their business.

Inventory Management –ePaisa POS helps to maintain the inventory (stock) right from the date of purchase until the date of sale. Helping the merchant to keep a track of all his stock daily

Digital Bill Payments- This feature helps to make payment through debit and credit cards providing customers a digital receipt. Both the merchant and the customer gets to avoid the long queue and save time

Omni payments – The POS lets small merchants accept all forms of wallet payments (Paytm, UPI, Aadhaar Pay, etc.), making transactions extremely easy and hassle-free

Track sales- It helps the merchants to keep track of their daily sales for both single store and multiples

Customer database management- The merchant gets to keep a track of the customer data such as customer name, email id, purchase history etc which further helps him/her to maintain a good relationship with the customers

Cloud-based analytic- This helps to automatically synchronize data so that the merchant can check the account from anywhere. Thus, helping him/ her to take care of all the updates easily

24/7 customer support- The 24/7 ePaisa POS customer support helps with everything from installing the system and training the staff to ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly

Today, to make work easier ePaisa provides a device-agnostic Android and iOS APP for multiple verticals with features for small and large retail outlets, restaurants, salons, grocery stores, exhibitors, doctors, home businesses, vegetable seller and even your newspaper vendor, the list goes on.

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