Procter & Gamble India launches ‘Lead With Care’ for employees

HYDERABAD: Procter & Gamble India on Wednesday announced “Lead With Care” programme, which offers a holistic support to employees who are caregivers to children with disabilities and special needs.

Effective from April 1, the programme will enable employees to avail early care and treatment for children impacted by specific neurodevelopmental, cognitive, behavioral, or physical impairments. It will also include medical coverage across diagnosis, doctor consultations, treatment, cost of medicines and devices, and builds on top of the existing medical support the company extends to all its employees and their families, including employees of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Company will further facilitate specialized and trained day-care support via certified partners and shall provide an employee assistance program (EAP) available 24x7 to all employees and their families to navigate this journey.

Srinivas P.M. – Head, Human Resources, P&G India Subcontinent said,“At P&G, CARE is the cornerstone of our people policy – CARE for our people and their families. We have undertaken deliberate efforts to prioritize their health and well-being, which is yielding visible results. Several studies indicate that early diagnosis and treatment of disabilities can positively impact the long term. With ‘Lead With Care’ our endeavour is to help our people avail early-stage medical and care interventions for their children, which can significantly impact their growth and overall quality of life.

Details of ‘Lead With Care’:

UNICEF estimates that 1 in 10 of all children worldwide have disabilities. Early intervention becomes a critical first step as several studies indicate that early detection and early intervention can avoid the precipitation of several of the disabilities and can reduce the impact the disability may have on the child and the family. With this approach, the ‘Lead With Care’ program includes:

  • Medical Coverage:For over 10 types of treatments including diagnosis, consultations, treatment, cost of specialized devices and medicines for eligible dependent children up to 18 years of age.
  • Day Care Support:Enabling employees to avail specialized day care facilities for their children by facilitating specialized and trained day-care services via certified partners. This aims to help working parents ensure quality care and specialized teaching environment is always available to their children, so that the intervention and recovery continues unhindered.
  • 24x7 Employee Assistance Helpline (EAP):The EAP facility is available to all employees, round the clock, where they can seek specialized counselling, assistance, and guidance through difficult moments along the journey
( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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