MSN Group launches first generic drug for urinary incontinence

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical company MSN Labs launched Fesobig drug, the world’s first bioequivalent generic version of the Feroteodine Fumarate, which is used in treating Overactive Bladder (OAB) and Urinary Incontinence (UI).

Feroteodine Fumarate, is currently being sold in the United States of America for about $15/tablet (little over Rs. 1,200) but now, MSN Labs will be selling the Fesobig at a price of Rs. 27/tablet.

Speaking during the launch MSN Group Executive Director Bharat Reddy said that Fesobig will be launched in countries across the world soon after the company gets the necessary approvals from the respective drug regulatory agencies.

According to experts in the field – Dr K Lalitha, urologist, Dr Anuradha Koduri, Gynecologist and A V Ravikumar, consultant urologist – the problem of urinary incontinence is higher in women when compared to men, affecting their daily lives in many spheres.

Mentioning that about 40 percent of women above the age of 50 in India suffer with incontinence, Dr. K. Lalitha, consultant urologist, said that domestic, social, marital, recreational and spiritual aspects of a woman’s life are often affected due to incontinence.

Dr. Anuradha Koduri, HOD - Gynecology, KIMS Hospital, said that social stigma associated with the condition leads to a majority of patients shying away from treatment.

“Due to the lack of awareness, people end up accepting it as a part of their ageing process which further leads to various medical complications,” Dr. Anuradha said, adding that about 80 percent of the women aged above 80 suffer with incontinence in India.

Dr A V Ravikumar, consultant urologist said that patients need not shy away from bringing their issues to their doctors and further elucidated on the various medical avenues including behavioral therapy, drugs and surgical options available in treating OAB and UI.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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