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Brainwonders expands its patented DMIT tests to help in career planning, hiring

Published Mar 15, 2019, 3:08 pm IST
Updated Mar 15, 2019, 3:08 pm IST
Brainwonders ties up with 16 corporates in initial phase to help them with their HR needs.
Manish Naidu, CEO and Founder, Brainwonders
 Manish Naidu, CEO and Founder, Brainwonders

Brainwonders, the expert in the science of Dermatoglyphics and the only U.S Patented DMIT Company, has extended the DMIT test to corporates to help them with their recruiting, management and training needs and has tied up with 16 companies in the initial phase. The patented DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) offered by Brainwonders which helps to discover the inborn intelligence of each child to give concrete future career choices, has already made its mark in the education field. The latest to join the DMIT trend are working professionals as well as HR teams who are using it to define career choices as well as for finding the right candidate for a job and accurately discovering employees’ potential for professional development.

The scientific DMIT test helps employees boost their careers by learning about their workplace behaviour, their interests and competency areas and ways of improvement. This arms them with the best career options and recommendations on how to excel in their chosen field. The DMIT goes beyond the facets of personality, learning style, brain dominance, multiple intelligence profile and career growth to tap into more abstract concepts like pragmatism, creativity, stability, communication, motivation, group orientation etc. It can also be used for senior managers to understand their leadership style and growth potential.


Manish Naidu, CEO and Founder, Brainwonders, said, “Research shows that low job satisfaction in the 20s and 30s can have a negative impact on mental health in 40s and beyond. Brainwonders provides an opportunity to working professionals to use our services to boost their career by learning about their workplace behaviour, their interests and competency areas and ways of improvement. Many HR professionals are turning to Brainwonders DMIT to recruit and manage the best employees and orient them towards growth. The giant responsibility of choosing and training the perfect employee to handle the job responsibilities and push them beyond that is efficiently eased by the DMIT reports and team of Brainwonders.”


With 107+ centres Pan India, Brainwonders is connected with 230+ schools and colleges across India. Brainwonders has a huge team of expert clinical, counselling and career psychologists. They are closely connected with Cambridge International Examination and Association of Heads of Anglo-Indian Schools, and have provided their service to their members as well.

Brainwonders is the first and only company in Asia to have tied up with Professor Lin who holds the only U.Ṣ Patent for Dermatoglyphics Technique. The DMIT software provides a complete, auto-assessment interface that is uniquely adaptive, intuitive and responsive to any child’s unique needs and skill-sets.


About Brainwonders

Brainwonders is a primarily a career counselling centre focusing on occupational growth, psychosocial grooming and talent maximization. It was established in 2011 with the firm belief in providing the personal and career guidance with the best career counsellors and psychologists in India. It was conceived in Prof Lin Ruei Bin’s Well Gene Science Lab in Malaysia. Brainwonders operates with their belief in the Happy Child Concept and caters to the age range of 6 months to 70 years with a firm motto of providing quality assessment and counselling services to the Indian and Global population help every individual be the best of their potential.


Brainwonders prizes itself in being the only U. S. Patented DMIT organisation which helps in transformation via brain mapping. The aspects discussed include personality, learning styles, left & right brain dominance, innate strengths and weaknesses profile and recommendations with regards to personal management and career. In addition to the same, Brainwonders is also an IQ test centre, psychometric personality test centre and has even collaborated with various schools, colleges and corporate firm for online aptitude test for students, online IQ test, Multiple Intelligence test, DMIT, Career Development Program, Personal and Professional Development Workshops and Seminars. For the same, Brainwonders has been awarded for being the Best Career Counselling Centre and our contribution to Educational Counselling via Psychometric tests and DMIT. Our work has been recognized at various Regional and National platforms. Today, we stand strong at 100+ career counselling centre in Mumbai and India, with 5 Global centres. Our vision is to provide a comprehensive career counselling and personal development framework to all.



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