Moodle to tap into EdTech market with India launch

HYDERABAD: eLearning solutions company Moodle has entered into the Indian market with its subsidiary Moodle India which will aim to tap into the forecast $30 billion Indian EdTech Market and extend its social impact.

The launch of Moodle India follows the acquisition of one of its former partners eAbyas Info Solutions in December 2022 and fully integrating it into the global Moodle ecosystem. This will be the first time that Indian customers will be able to directly access a comprehensive range of services from the local subsidiary of Moodle.

Sharing details on Moodle’s India launch and it global impact, Moodle India MD Sushil Karampuri told Deccan Chronicle that with its high market shares in higher educational and corporate segments, Moodle is currently one of the most widely used Learning Management Systems (LMS) across the world as it as an open source platform which can be used by anyone.

On the role of Moodle’s team to facilitate smooth training, Mr Sushil said “We come into picture whenever our customers need support in handling the software as they reach to us or our 80+ partners for solutions.”

Throwing light on the working module of the company, Mr. Sushil Karampuri says that the company facilitates corporates and educational institutes to do their training activities. He explains with an example of their recent partnership with ISB Hyderabad, wherein the former assists the institute in a traditional MBA programme with a platform for students to go through all the content related to courses they have registered for, finding exam schedules and other course-related details, all in one place.

“ISB also uses the software for its online certification courses where students from various colleges apply online to take up courses, as MBA may not be available for all. Our software helps the students in the online application process and fee payment while assisting the institute in collection of required documents from students without them having to visit the campus,” he said.

The company currently has over 5000 Moodle registered sites and many more unregistered sites with Indian corporate giants like Tata Insurance, Bajaj Auto, Bajaj Finserv also being among clientele.

When asked about Moodle's target audience in India, Mr. Sushil said that the focus is now on three areas - educational institutions, corporates for learning and development programmes for their employees and government institutions around certification, deployment of content, and activities that facilitate large-scale availability of digital tools to the large number of people.

Moodle currently supports 41 million courses in 142 languages globally around the world delivering more than 1.8 billion course enrollments so far.

“With the demand for online learning now being high, Moodle aims to facilitate training programmes for people from corporates, government agencies and educational institutes in big numbers,” said Mr. Sushil, talking about the company’s plans for the Indian market.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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