Uber launches new partner app in India

Drivers will be able to access notifications and messages about upcoming earning opportunities.

New Delhi: Ride-hailing platform Uber on Wednesday announced the launch of its new driver app, rebuilt completely from the ground up, for and with drivers.

The new app provides a more simple and personalised experience, designed to support drivers and delivery partners on every moment of their journey.

"The launch of the new partner (drivers and courier partners) app is a key milestone for Uber. It truly reflects our commitment to the people who have been our partners in growth. We have built this app by listening to what they needed and shaped it alongside them - over 100 partners from Bengaluru were a part of the global beta launch. Our teams spent time on-ground, interacting with partners through group sessions, ride alongs and in person meetings to gather inputs," said Pradeep Parameswaran, Head of Central Operations, Uber India and SA.

The new app entails a number of features essential to both driver partners as well as customers.

The new real-time Earnings Tracker lets drivers know-at a glance-how much they earned on their last trip, thus making it easy to track progress toward their goals.

The new Status bar provides real-time updates on market conditions around them and opportunities for more trips nearby. When a driver taps an opportunity, the app will provide optional navigation to the recommended area.

Drivers will be able to access notifications and messages about upcoming earning opportunities, feedback from their riders, and information about their account.

Drivers can also manage a profile, giving them an opportunity to showcase what they do outside of Uber, which will allow riders to learn more about their driver and find new ways to connect.

The app also contains a comprehensive guide to getting started with Uber that will be available to drivers in the coming months, as per a blog post written by Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

"Over six months, we launched nearly 40 new features designed to improve the driving experience. But our work was just getting started. While 180 Days was about correcting missteps of the past, we also needed to think longer term, and the obvious place to start was the Driver app. It sits at the center of the driver experience, but after a redesign two years ago, it was already showing its age. We knew we couldn't take the approach we'd taken in the past: redesign the app based on what we thought drivers wanted, launch it, then hope for the best. Instead we needed to listen to what drivers told us they needed, and shape the new app alongside them," he wrote.

( Source : ANI )
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