FedEx to open first Advanced Capability Community in Hyderabad

ACC will enable FedEx ongoing technology and innovation to provide industry-leading supply chain expertise

HYDERABAD: FedEx announced here on Thursday, plans to open its Advanced Capability Community in Hyderabad in the second half of 2023 as part of a broader multi-year initiative to strengthen the recruitment of the company’s diverse workforce all around the world.

The company also plans to set up ACCs in different parts of the world in the future for which locations will be selected based on business needs and access to highly skilled talent pools.

Each community is planned to be staffed by full-time FedEx team members across many functional areas, who will provide shared services to support the technological and digital requirements of the entire FedEx enterprise. The digital innovation these communities will provide will enable the company to provide even greater value in the global supply chain ecosystem.

The India government’s focus on providing world-class infrastructure to build a technology-driven and knowledge-based economy makes the country an ideal location for the first ACC.

The first ACC will be situated in Hyderabad as Telangana has been focusing on its engineering and digital enterprise talent pool to support international organizations that want to set up a presence here.

FedEx Corp. president and chief executive officer Raj Subramaniam said “The opening of our first Advanced Capability Community in India, a critical market for FedEx, will enable us to be faster, more flexible, and secure as we innovate digitally. This move supports our long-term vision to grow our Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa business as well as provide opportunities to develop technology for the benefit of our global customers.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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