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1.4 lakh Made in India Samsung Galaxy S23 series phones booked in one day of launch

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Published on: February 7, 2023 | Updated on: February 7, 2023
Akshay Gupta, General Manager, Mobile Business, Samsung India, speaks during the unveil event held in Hyderabad on Tuesday . (Photo By Arrangement)

Akshay Gupta, General Manager, Mobile Business, Samsung India, speaks during the unveil event held in Hyderabad on Tuesday . (Photo By Arrangement)

HYDERABAD: India’s largest consumer electronics brand Samsung has on Tuesday unveiled in Hyderabad,  its newly launched flagship mobile series Galaxy S23 which will be manufactured in India,  at  the tech company’s Noida plant. According to the company, over 1,40,000 smartphone units of the Galaxy S23 series were pre-booked in the first 24 hours of its launch in India on February 2.

Speaking at the unveiling event held in Hyderabad, General Manager, Mobile Business, Samsung India, Akshay Gupta said "The Galaxy S23 Series comes with segment-best camera, provides best geil aming experience and it is also the most sustainable Galaxy yet."

Throwing light on how Samsung has been faring in the premium mobile space in India, Akshay Gupta said that the company saw a 70% growth in the segment as against the 35% overall market increase. "We are making the flagship phone available in more that 10,000 retail outlets, to ensure there is an increase in the retail footprint, as we witness double the amount of growth as against the market in metros, while the grown in the non metros is higher than the company average growth of 70%," he added.

Akshay Gupta said that the company aims to target the increasingly popular trend in non-metro cities by making the purchase of the flagship phones easy by providing attractive EMI options. "All customers can avail EMI options, as even a customer with no previous loans and CIBIL scores can avail a loan by paying 30% of the smartphone’s cost as a downpayment and paying a 15-month no cost EMI."

"Meanwhile, customers with loan history can avail a zero down payment option with a 24-month no cost EMI," he added.

With the S23 series, Samsung aims to take a generational leap by leaving significantly less environmental impact. Samsung also claims that the S23 series is the most sustainable Galaxy phone built so far as it is manufactured using recycled products including pre-consumer recycled aluminum, recycled glass, discarded fishing nets, water barrels and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

The newly launched flagship series offers a lot for the photography enthusiasts, as it comes with an all-new 200 MP sensor with adaptive pixels which can capture images with great detail. The front camera comes with dual pixel autofocus technology and the video camera offers a more cinematic camera with Super HRD.

Among other things, the S23 series gets an 8th gen Snapdragon mobile platform exclusively built for Samsung, which ensures Galaxy to deliver the world’s fastest mobile graphics. The Galaxy S23 starts at Rs. 74,999, while the S23+ starts at Rs. 94,999 and S23 Ultra starts at Rs. 1,24,999.

On being asked by this reporter about the "more affordable" claim, as to how less the S23 series will cost in comparison to its predecessor, considering the phones are now made in India, Akshay Gupta said "it is a significant decrease".

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