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Kia Seltos vs MG Hector vs Tata Harrier vs Nissan Kicks: What do the prices say?

Published Aug 23, 2019, 2:48 pm IST
Updated Aug 23, 2019, 2:48 pm IST
The Kia Seltos has been launched at a competitive starting price of Rs 9.69 lakh, making it a threat to stalwarts like the Creta, Hector.
The Kia Seltos is priced on par or undercuts most of its rivals.
 The Kia Seltos is priced on par or undercuts most of its rivals.

Kia has entered the Indian market with a bang as it launched the Seltos at competitive prices ranging between Rs 9.69 lakh and Rs 15.99 lakh. This puts it in the firing line of SUVs like the Hyundai Creta, MG Hector, Tata Harrier along with the base variants of the Jeep Compass. This how they stack up on the price chart.



Kia Seltos

MG Hector

Hyundai Creta

Renault Captur

Nissan Kicks

Jeep Compass

HTE: Rs 9.69 lakh


RXE: Rs 9.50 lakh

XL: Rs 9.55 lakh


HTK: Rs 9.99 lakh


E+: Rs 10 lakh


HTK+: Rs 11.19 lakh


EX: Rs 10.87 lakh


XV: Rs 10.95 lakh


Style: Rs 12.18 lakh

SX: Rs 12.27 lakh

Platine Dual Tone: Rs 12 lakh


HTX: Rs 12.79 lakh

Super: Rs 12.98 lakh

SX Dual tone: Rs 12.82 lakh


GTK: Rs 13.49 lakh 

Super Hybrid: Rs 13.58 lakh


HTX CVT: Rs 13.79 lakh


SX Auto: Rs 13.77 lakh


SX (O): Rs 13.89 lakh 


SX(O) Executive: Rs 14.17 lakh


GTX: Rs 14.99 lakh 

Smart Hybrid: Rs 14.68 lakh 


GTX DCT: Rs 15.99 lakh

Petrol DCT: Rs 15.28 lakh


Sport: Rs 15.60 lakh /Sport Plus: Rs 15.99 lakh 

GTX+: Rs 15.99 lakh

Sharp Hybrid: Rs 15.88 lakh


GTX+ DCT: Rs 16.99 lakh (expected)

Sharp DCT: Rs 16.78 lakh


Rs 19 lakh to Rs 21.67 lakh

  • With a sub-Rs 10 lakh starting price, the entry point to the Kia Seltos is one of the most affordable in the whole pool of cars after the Kicks and Captur. But the newcomer gets slightly better kit than the other two. 

  • Despite being a BS6-compliant offering, the Kia Seltos is priced on par or undercuts most of its rivals. 

  • While the Seltos’ starting price is a lot more enticing, you’ll have to stretch upto Rs 13.79 lakh for a petrol-auto version. That makes it just Rs 2,000 more expensive than the cheapest petrol-auto in this segment, the Creta SX Auto.

  • The Kia Seltos is the only SUV that spoils you with a choice of two BS6-compliant petrol engines and automatic options.

  • The top-spec Seltos GTX+ is obviously the more feature-rich as well as more powerful when compared to the top-spec Creta Executive. However, it is more expensive by Rs 1.80 lakh.  

  • The MG Hector has the most affordable petrol-DCT in this company, but its top of the line Sharp automatic variant is Rs 79,000 pricier than the Seltos for now. 

  • The Tata Harrier misses out on a petrol powertrain altogether. 

  • The Jeep Compass’s starting price is just a shade under the premium you have to pay for the Seltos GTX DCT. It is the only petrol option with prices going past the Rs 20 lakh mark. 

  • The MG Hector is the only offering with a 48V mild-hybrid supplementing its petrol engine. 

  • The Renault Captur and Nissan Kicks are diesel-centric models and offer just two petrol variants.

  • The price of the Kia Seltos’ top-spec GTX+ variant with a DCT is unavailable right now but dealers are accepting bookings for the same. Expect it to be available in the coming months. 

  • The Jeep Compass is priced between Rs 15.60 lakh and Rs 21.67 lakh. 

Tata Harrier


Kia Seltos

MG Hector

Tata Harrier

Hyundai Creta

Renault Captur

Nissan Kicks

Jeep Compass

HTE: Rs 9.99 lakh


E+: Rs 10 lakh

RXE: Rs 10.49 lakh

XE: Rs 9.89 lakh


HTK: Rs 11.19 lakh


EX: Rs 11.02 lakh


XL: Rs 11.09 lakh


HTK+: Rs 12.19 lakh


S: Rs 11.92 lakh


XV: Rs 12.51 lakh


HTK+ AT: Rs 13.19 lakh

Style: Rs 13.18 lakh

XE: Rs 13 lakh

S Auto: Rs 13.36 lakh

Platine: Rs 13 lakh

XV Pre: Rs 13.69 lakh


SX: Rs 13.61 lakh


Super: Rs 14.18 lakh

XM: Rs 14.06 lakh

SX Dual Tone: 14.16 lakh 


HTX+: Rs 14.99 lakh


XT: Rs 15.26 lakh

SX Auto: Rs 15.22 lakh


SX(O): Rs 15.38 lakh


HTX+ AT: Rs 15.99 lakh

Smart: Rs 15.48 lakh


SX(O) Executive: Rs 15.67 lakh


XZ: Rs 16.56 lakh


GTX+ Diesel AT: Rs 16.99 lakh (expected)

Sharp: Rs 16.88 lakh

XZ Dual Tone: Rs 16.76 lakh


Sport: Rs 16.61 lakh/ Sport Plus: Rs 16.99 lakh


Rs 18.03 lakh to Rs 27.60 lakh

  • Even if it’s a diesel-powered Kia Seltos, the starting price is one of the lowest. At Rs 10 lakh it is closely matched by the Nissa Kicks and Hyundai Creta. 

  • If you are eyeing a diesel-auto, then the Kia Seltos is the most affordable of the three cars that offer this combination. It undercuts the Hyundai Creta S Auto by Rs 17,000. 

  • A fully-loaded diesel-AT Seltos will be launched in the near future. The Hyundai Creta misses out on such a variant. 

  • The Jeep Compass is the only SUV with a 4x4 drivetrain on offer, but its prices go way beyond the Rs 20 lakh mark, ending up at around Rs 28 lakh. 

  • The diesel engine on the Hyundai Creta’s lower variants (E+, EX, S MT) is a smaller 1.4-litre unit (90PS/220Nm) making less power than the Seltos’s 1.5-litre unit (115PS/250Nm). 

  • Only the Seltos and the Jeep’s range-topping Compass Trailhawk variant get a BS6-compliant diesel engine. 

  • The Renault Captur and Nissan Kicks are available in two and four variants, respectively. However, both miss out on a diesel-auto combo like the Harrier and Hector. 

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Note: All prices, ex-showroom Delhi

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