I'll never allow anybody to put me down: Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone tells us about her controversial interview, why roles completely different from her actual self excite her and more

Fresh off her recent interview with a prominent news channel in which she was unnecessarily berated for beginning her career in the pornography industry, Sunny Leone has become India’s darling, with the actress garnering support from just about every corner of the country.

In an exclusive chat with us, she talks about what went through her mind during the interview, her upcoming films and the kind of roles in the film industry she sees herself taking on in the future:

The controversial interview
About the interview that has gone viral, Sunny says that she agreed for it anticipating that it would revolve around her upcoming movies and not her past career choices.

“I had never watched any of his shows before, so I didn’t know what I was walking into. I thought it would be like just another interview where I will be asked questions pertaining to the movie,” she states, while asserting, “That’s not my personality — to walk out and leave. I believe that I don’t want anybody like him to get the best or the better of me. If you see the video, my hands were fidgety, because I was so uncomfortable. I was alone; there was not one person around in the studio who supported me or who could have stopped me there. I am glad that after seeing the video, people have actually come forward, have felt how I did at that time, and have supported me.”

She tells us that after the whole incident, the interviewer wrote a couple of open letters, but she hasn’t received any apology or explanation so far.

Future goals
Sunny has been in the industry for a few years now and is mastering the tricks of the trade. Where does she see herself ten years down the line?

“I have learnt in the entertainment industry that the moment you start planning is the moment when things start going in a completely different direction. In another ten years, hopefully, I would want to make my own films — films that I would want to make at that moment and be a part of,” she says.

Choice of roles
As an actress, Sunny prefers roles that are out of the box and far flung from her real self.

She says, “I love when I can become a character that I am not in my personal life — something out of the box and far off from what I am as an individual. Comedy movies and sci-fi are the genres that attract me the most as an actor and as a viewer too.”

Love for a particular role
On being quizzed if there is any particular role that she feels she could have done better, she is quick to respond, “The reason why you like a certain movie or a character is because the actor did it so well. I don’t think I can do a better job than Priyanka Chopra did in Mary Kom or ever think of replacing Kangana Ranaut in Tanu Weds Manu. It is their movie and I would not like to or want to fit into their shoes.”

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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