Journalist tried to target Sunny Leone on her past and this is how she won hearts

Bollywood applauded the actress for keeping her chin up in a recent interview.

Mumbai: The moment a short excerpt from a 20-minute long interview with a well-known journalist found its way on the internet, it spread like a wildfire, catching everyone’s major attention.

The short excerpt showed Sunny Leone being targeted again and again by the journalist on her past and career choices. While the video made many cringe, it was just a small part of what was yet to come. The full interview shows Sunny being an object of the journalist’s misogynistic and backward views, which were thrown at her dressed as questions.

Do you think Aamir Khan will work with you?

How many people would aspire to be a porn star?

In typical Bollywood terms, you're an 'item girl'.

Does it worry you that your past as a ‘Porn Queen’ will continue to haunt you?

I wonder if I'm being morally corrupt by interviewing you.

Statistically you have led to a rise in the consumption of porn in India.

These were some of the questions and statements made by the journalist towards Sunny.

While the interview showed the journalist’s “clear” views on the actress, it also showed everyone a different side of Sunny. While many would have walked out or landed a fine print of their palms on the journalist’s face, Sunny sat calmly on the “hot seat” and dodged every misleading and degrading question with smile on her face and a smart reply on the tip of her tongue.

The actress not only won the interview but also the Internet, making everyone fall in love with her brave personality.

Ever since the interview was broadcasted, social networking sites have been ringing with positive messages for the actress. Apart from the audiences, even Bollywood came forward and showered Sunny with the love and support that she truly deserves.

It all started with one tweet. Yes, with Rishi Kapoor encouraging tweet, people started wondering what the whole fuss was about and thus the news reached every corner of B-town.

After her interview, the actress releases a short video on her official Twitter account, thanking everyone for all the love and support.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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