Was physically abused as a struggling actress in Bollywood: Kangana Ranaut

The actress recollected the time when she was stalked and hit by a man from Bollywood who acted as her mentor.

Mumbai: Kangana Ranaut is one actress who doesn't mince her words. She has made headlines with her brave and bold statements while interacting with the media. But her recent revelation has left many stunned.

Kangana spoke her heart out at the launch of journalist Barkha Dutt’s book, 'The Unquiet Land'. The fiesty actress spoke about the time when she was physically abused during her struggling days by someone from the industry.

Kangana said, “It was a very difficult and very harsh time. I was physically abused. I don’t want to take names.”

But after some prodding from Barkha, the actress did divulge in some details. Kangana recollected the time when she was stalked and hit by a man from Bollywood who acted as her mentor and godfather. "This man, who was around my father’s age, hit me so hard that I fell on the floor and banged my head. It started to bleed. I must have been 17 or something, and I picked up my sandal and hit his head so hard that he started to bleed as well. But then his physical strength took over mine and I struggled, I struggled so much that I couldn’t believe I had so much strength that it was a do or die situation for me. Then I took off and lodged a complaint against him. But that day I really saw myself for who I always thought I was. The situation clarified my understanding about myself. I realized then that I am a born fighter."

Without revealing names, Kangana said, “I fell for the trap. There are no free lunches, right? So when you are young, naive, you do fall for those very conventional traps. I don’t think there’s anything unusual about my struggle. It’s a very typical sort of struggle when you come across bad people and good people and then you finally have a break through."

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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