I missed out on dancing in films: Shabana Azmi

Shabana Azmi talks about her equation with husband Javed Akhtar and her regret of not dancing in films.

Shabana Azmi, who has been promoting Chalk and Duster, in which she plays a Maths teacher, is excited that the film has been made tax free in New Delhi.

“The film showcases the importance of a teacher who is responsible for the overall development of a student. But how many of us credit them for doing so?” she asks, adding, “I myself realised it while I was playing the character of the Maths teacher… I kept the mannerisms of my Maths teacher in mind while playing the character.”

On today’s education system Shabana adds, “I feel that learning needs to be made enthusiastic rather than strenuous. Also, I had asked a question in Parliament, why are kids made to understand that a mother belongs in the kitchen and the father in office? Why can’t they be taught that both parents can be in the kitchen? This gender difference should not be put in their minds from an early age.

“In our country we have had a woman Prime Minister and many more women in pivotal positions. Yet a girl is not welcomed whole-heartedly. This needs to perish from our society.” Shabana says that she is happy that Shyam Benegal has been appointed to the Censor Certification Board. “I am pleased that the right people have been chosen… they are real filmmakers who will be able to do justice to films.”

On a lighter note, about not being a good cook, Shabana smilingly adds, “I only wish I can become a good cook one day. Only my abba preferred eating anything that I cooked. He would unhesitatingly eat the rotis, which were very bad in shape. However, I want to be able to feed delicious food to Zoya and Farhan one day, also to Javed sahab. But all of them run away from the country on hearing that I have set out to cook.”

About the romantic jodi of Javed and Shabana, she says, “If you thought Javed writes romantic songs for me then you are sadly mistake… He tells me, ‘Those who work in a circus, would they like to hang upside down at home merely to impress their wives? Similarly, writing romantic lyrics is my profession.’”

So, what keeps their romance going strong? “It’s is our friendship. Javed always says, ‘Even marriage has not been able to break our friendship.’”

Something Shabana has missed performing in films is dancing. She says, “Yes, I do regret not having performed dances. However, at this age I will not be asked to perform a Dhak Dhak number. Yet when I watch heroines perform dances I do feel that I could have performed dances as well.”

The Ankur actress has changed drastically over the years. She smiles and says, “I would argue and not like to give in. But now, over the years, maturity has mellowed me. I prefer sharing a dialogue and sorting out problems for a positive solution.”

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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