Brazil's Bolsonaro exempts Churches from lockdown, says virus a tactic by Satan


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The decree adds "religious activities of any kind" to the list of exempted services, alongside supermarkets and pharmacies

Aerial view of the Candelaria church and the empty Presidente Vargas avenue in downtown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . AFP Photo

Brasilia: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro decreed Thursday that places of worship are "essential services" that must be exempted from coronavirus confinement orders, the far-right leader's latest jab at aggressive containment measures.

The decree, published in the government diary, adds "religious activities of any kind" to the list of exempted services, alongside supermarkets and pharmacies.

It adds that such activities must be carried out "in accordance with health ministry guidelines."

The president, who has called the reaction to the pandemic "overblown," says such measures are unnecessary and will wreck Latin America's biggest economy.

Most places of worship in Brazil have already suspended services because of the outbreak, often broadcasting them online instead.

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However, some prominent religious leaders have refused.

Asked if the coronavirus in Brazil could reach the same level of infection as in the United States, Bolsonaro said he didn't "believe it will reach that point."

Brazilians, he said, "don't catch anything. You see a guy jumping over sewer water there, he goes out, he falls in... and nothing happens to him."

"Moreover I believe that many people are already infected (with the coronavirus) in Brazil, weeks or months ago -- they already have antibodies that help it to not proliferate," Bolsonaro said, speaking to reporters outside the presidential residence in Brasilia.

Last week, the influential evangelical pastor Silas Malafaia, a Bolsonaro ally, called confinement measures "a tactic by Satan."

"My friends, do not worry about coronavirus. It is just another tactic by Satan. Satan works with fear," he said.