Donald Trump deserves to be given a chance: Jeffrey Archer

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It's going to be fascinating to see how it works out, he said.

Jeffrey Archer (Photo: Youtube/Screengrab)

Acclaimed writer Jeffrey Archer has said that US President-elect Donald Trump deserves to be given a chance though he lacks any political background.

"US people have gone to someone who has never been a Congressman, never been a senator, never been a mayor, and who never held any office...and said we want you to run most important legislation on earth. It's going to be fascinating to see how it works out," Archer said here yesterday at the launch of the seventh and final volume of his Clifton Chronicles Series, 'This was a Man'.

"But I agree with President (Barack) Obama, we need to give him (Trump) a chance. I'll able to answer your question (on Donald Trump) far better in a year's time," he added.

Responding to a query whether he wanted his 'Clifton Chronicles' to be made into films, the 'Kane and Abel' author said, "I had given seven options of films in last five years, but no films (were made). No matter who you are, you need a little bit of luck."

Archer said he didn't think that he "would be coming to Bollywood".

"I don't think my natural habitats lies here for my films, but still keeping my fingers crossed, let them know you want it," said Archer who has penned a number of best selling novels and short stories.

Archer, a former Member of Parliament in House of Lords, said he became author by mistake and that his first book was rejected by 14 publishers.

"I become writer by mistake. I wanted to be a politician and ended up in the House of Commons at the age of 29. I left myself in terrible debts and at the age of 34,  I wrote first book, 'Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less' out of desperation.

Fourteen publishers turned the book down and fifteenth gave me three thousand pounds important enough to live on," he said.

More than 27 million copies of the book has been sold out so far.

On his next endeavour, he said, "Next year, there will be a set of short stories. Because I haven't done a set of short stories for a very long time and I have been gathering them for over ten years. They should be out by March or April next year."