Crown dating app lets you choose your heart's winner

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Developed by Match Group, Crown turns dating into a game, focusing on quality over quantity.

The app’s core idea is to limit the option available to the user at a time and choose the best out of them.

Dating apps are the go-to place for millennials looking for a partner, whether for a short or long term. While a bunch of popular ones are presently at their best playing cupids for millions of interested users, they do tend to encourage the idea of choosing a better one over all the options available. While this is good for the ones who maintain a commanding presence on these platforms, the casual ones simply tend to become the unfortunate ones. Match Group, the company that operates Tinder, was concerned about this issue and therefore came up with another dating app that promises to make dating a fun yet fair game.

Called Crown, the app’s core idea is to limit the option available to the user at a time and choose the best out of them. The app will throw out 16 options at noon every day, out of which the competition will boil down to four final options. Unlike Tinder or Ok Cupid, where the screen will show one person’s profile at a time and let you swipe to see countless more options, Crown will only show two options at a time out of the 16. You get to choose between the two and move on to the next pair. Once an option is chosen or rejected, it cannot be undone. The last round finally lets you choose between four people, out of which one will be your winner. Once selected, you will be given the option to chat with the other person, provided the other party is interested.

If you are wondering why only 16 options are presented in a day, then you should understand that Crown wants you to spend less time swiping on the app and more time connecting with people on the platform. According to its developers, the idea behind Crown is to focus on quality than quantity, thereby giving birth to healthy relationships. And don’t worry, the ones who are rejected won’t be notified at all.

The app is free to download for most iOS devices (iPhone SE and iPhone 5 or older devices aren’t supported) and will be made available for Android users soon.

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