Four must-have apps that every busy employee should have

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Here are some interesting apps to make your hectic work day a little bit easier.

. As we get ready to step into 2020 and see more technological advancements, here are 4 must-have apps for employees.

Office goers constitute a significant percentage of the population. With the advent of technology and digitization taking over, apps have only made the average employee’s life simpler and have enabled us to perform a variety of things with not just ease but also make informed choices. As we get ready to step into 2020 and see more technological advancements, here are 4 must-have apps for employees. 

Your office cafeteria, now digitized 

No one likes waiting in the long queues present at office cafeterias. The long wait, the cash transactions and finally getting to the food would make an already hungry employee more frustrated. HungerBox, an institutional B2B2C food-tech company looks to solve this exact issue. The company digitizes the entire food consumption process at your workplace right from placing your order to the payment front and uses innovative tech to predict the preference of the user. The app uses AI and data analytics technology to determine the employees' preference and also to connect to the food partners thus offering a seamless experience end to end.

A one-stop solution for your commute 

For an average employee, taking public transport or driving to work on a daily basis can be exhausting. Hailing a cab every day would not be feasible. Routematic, is a one-stop automated solution for employee commute offers technology-based employee Transportation app. It provides predictive fleet services for the corporate houses, ensuring the best combination of employee pickups with the least time-consuming route. It’s a technology-enabled fleet operator in the market. With innovations such as 1-click cab routing algorithm, hardware-independent solutions, automated vehicle allocation, and dispatch and female employee safe drop confirmation, it’s a must-have for employees. 

Helping you stay on the task 

With work processes becoming more complex and a variety of distractions for employees, it is easy for one to get diverted from the assigned task, especially while getting into a conversation/discussion. Slack, a cloud-based platform offers more integrations than any other messaging platform. The app is distributed into threads that are detailed to a singular topic allowing employees to start/continue an ongoing conversation while staying on task. 

Digitizing your business cards 

The currency of the working world, business cards are extremely important and useful not to mention that they are an essential element of professional networking. CamCard helps you digitize your business cards and organize them all in one location so that you never have to search through hundreds of business cards to find one in case you need to tap into a network on the go. The app even allows you to access calls and emails.