Apple iPhone 8 devices made in India to come at a cheaper price

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Apple plans on setting up its manufacturing factory in Bengaluru and rumours suggest that Made In India iPhone 8 prices may go down.

Apple iPhone 8 devices made in India may be cheaper.

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Cupertino giant Apple earlier mentioned about plans on setting up a manufacturing plant in Bengaluru. As reported earlier, Taiwanese OEM maker for Apple, Wistron is reportedly planning a facility in Peenya, Bengaluru's industrial hub, to manufacture the future iPhones. Now a new rumour is taking the rounds that indicate that iPhone 8 devices made in India may come at a cheaper price.

According to a report on News Nation, The Cupertino giant might commence manufacturing in Bengaluru as soon as April. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the speculated iPhone 8 smartphone may be manufactured in India too. And, if rumours are to be further believed, Apple will restrict itself to specific gadgets initially and will gradually increase the production thereon.

Apple pays around 12 per cent of manufacturing and production costs on Apple devices as import taxes and duties in India at the moment. These costs add to the final price of Apple devices that make the total cost of the gadgets quite expensive as compared to other markets. If Apple devices gets cheaper – it may also mean better service and repairs through local official stores in India.