4 apps every office-goer should have in their smartphone

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Lack of employee productivity and improving their efficiency can be sorted by leveraging these new-age apps.

Apps that benefit office-goers.

It goes without saying that an organization’s success essentially depends on how well employees perform their tasks. Happy employees can deliver better productivity at work and that is exactly what businesses need to grow. But what are the reasons behind employees underperforming in the first place? There might be some valid reasons that will carry clues of fixing the issues instead of hiring replacements.  For instance, you might notice the biometric report of an employee arriving late to work almost every other day. If you are willing to find a solution, you might just discover that it is due to commuting during the peak traffic period every day for 2 hours.

Since we belong to this age of AI, Machine learning, and Internet of Things, modern age challenges like lack of employee productivity and improving their efficiency can be sorted by leveraging these new-age apps:

Hubhopper: Today’s workforce is always on the go and prefers non-immersive forms of content consumption which could add value to their day. Hubhopper, India’s largest podcast and audio-on-demand platform is helping employees across generations when it comes to gaining insights and maintaining a balance between their work and personal lives, without requiring them to sit back. It has a variety of podcasts like “CX Conversations” - which provides CX lessons from CX leaders from around the world, “Dreamers & Unicorns by PeopleStrong” - a podcast that explores the future of work, workers and workplaces, and “The Successful Advisor” – a podcast that features James McCracken conducting interviews of today's most inspiring and successful advisers & entrepreneurs 5 days a week with inspiration from leading advisers including Pat Flynn , Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin & Tony Robbins. Hubhopper is present across 15 million touchpoints with over 1 million hours of content spread across 12 vernacular languages.

HungerBox: No one likes waiting in the long queues present at office cafeterias. The long wait, the cash transactions and finally getting to the food would make an already hungry employee more frustrated, which in turn would impact the productivity once they complete lunch. HungerBox, an institutional B2B2C food-tech company looks to solve this exact issue. The company digitizes the entire food consumption process at your workplace right from placing your order to the payment front and uses innovative tech to predict the preference of the user, thus boosting productivity.

Routematic: Routematic, one-stop automated solution for employee commute offers technology-based employee Transportation app. It provides predictive fleet services for the corporate houses, ensuring the best combination of employee pickups with the least time-consuming route. This saves the commuter hassles of driving or coordinating their ride, in the most efficient way, thereby contributing to their productivity at work. Routematic is the only technology-enabled fleet operator in the market. With several innovations such as 1-click cab routing algorithm, hardware-independent solutions, automated vehicle allocation & dispatch and female employee safe drop confirmation, Routematic has established itself as the innovation leader in the market.

 Enguru: In India, English is the preferred language of business and employability and yet it is astounding that many young professionals and college students have no access to good quality training. Enguru app by Kings Learning provides affordable English Language training to help the users improve their communication skills and become employable. The app provides an option of learning industry-specific English courses in 12 Indian languages and 16 international languages to ensure that it can be accessed by users across the country. Currently, the platform offers courses focused on English for retail, hotels, BPOs, email writing and interview preparation along with our comprehensive General English course.